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Dyness Battery fully charged warning


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Good morning

I am running a Dyness B3 3.6KW battery on a Deye/Sunsynk 8KW inverter.  All systems operate normal, but the battery indicator on the LCD of the Deye began to show 3 red exclamation marks when SOC is 100%.  The red exclamation marks disappear as soon as a discharge period occurs. This only started about 3 weeks after commissioning of the system.

Various inquiries led me to Rectron, the distributor of Dyness. I had a good service experience with  Anzej Lozovski and Werner Bezuidenhoudt and  received an email from them informing me that the manufacturer confirmed that this is normal. Their response:

Below is the suppliers response to the ERROR mentioned. It is a bit hard to understand but basically comes down to what I said in the mail, I would say the time to raise a concern is when the Inverter or battery shows a Actual fault.

Considering we are dealing with frequent power outages I will say keep an eye on the Discharging and Charging Cycles if the Inverter do not get to the Fully change state and keeps on charging then their may be a cause for concern.

 'it's only a indicator of the intverter,means battery can't be charged any more or can't be restart charged. until the battery BMS relieve the charge mosfet open or the soc lower than a value such as 95%.you can make clients try to discharge,Exclamation marks will disappear. it's normal'

Has anybody else had similar experiences?

Have a great day!!!




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57 minutes ago, Dyness said:

This is a normal phenomenon, the battery high voltage alarm, as long as the battery starts to discharge, it will disappear after the voltage drops, and will not affect any use. You can also contact the inverter to shield this alarm.


Thank you for clearing it up. 

In the mean time I added another B3 3.6Kw and the system runs smoothly.  No exclamation marks!  I surmised that it was software related because the exclamation marks only appeared after switching on the DC switch on the Deye.  I kept my eye on the BMS and it operated normal ie. no over charging and proper voltage and current control as well as temp readings.

I vaguely remember noticing a comment about the Inverter requiring  2 batteries at least.

Otherwise I am really happy with the Deye and Dyness combination.  The versatility of the Deye and the flexibility of the programming make it easy. 

Have a great day!




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