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Shoto Lithium Battery cascade


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Did anyone figure out how to cascade / stack 2 or more Shoto Lithium batteries?

I need more info on the connection between the batteries using the Rs485 ports;

Is there a specific pin-out for the cable or would any straight RJ45 do?

Which ports do you use to interconnect, RS485A or RS485B?

Anyone figured out how to connect to a PC, which port and software to use?

Ho do you set the dip switches for master and slave batteries?


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Their documentation is messy, but this is what I have figured out so far:

1. Battery 1 dip switches 1 up, rest down, Battery 2 dip 2 down rest up.


2. Cables. You need to use RS485 from one battery top the next. See below. You can use a standard lan cable.

Battery one RS485B >> Battery 2 RS485A

see image


3. Connecting it to a pc, is also sucky

you can use either the RS232 port or the open RS485 port on battery one and link to a pc.

RS232 pinout



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Just what I was looking for. Thank you @Kosie.

Just curious though, you connected battery 1's B connector to battery 2's A connector. How come not A to A or B to B?

You are right, the manual is very messy.

One last Q... is your inverter comms cable a standard network cable or a cross over?



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Is the above still considered the  correct way?

Mine was set up as No. 1 and No. 5(!) with 5 connected to the inverter by CAN bus. 1 and 6 linked RS485B to RS485B. Doubt this is best practice but seems to work OK. 


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