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  1. The EasySolar-II GX combines a MPPT Solar Charge Controller, an inverter/charger and control hub in one enclosure. The product is easy to install, with a minimum of wiring. 9 months old, original invoice and packaging R20 000 Pretoria [email protected]
  2. Hi All, I upgraded my EasySolar II 48/3000 to Victron Multiplus II 5Kva, I attempt selling the ES II on gumtree with no solid intrest. Using ESS with new MP II 5Kva, it will be counter productive to connect any home appliances with AC IN connection to ES II. Any creative ideas to use the ES II at home as it cannot run parallel with the MP II 5Kva?
  3. Changed, lets give it a week and check the logs. Thanks for the recommendation
  4. Thanks for the update nightbyte, I have the exact 2 x Shoto SDA10-48100L5 in parallel. I used your bulk and float settings on my Victron ESS and MPPT as I had daily High DC Ripple warnings that I suspect using 53.3V Bulk and Float. I will monitor the error logs and report back. I'm only concerned that 52,5V Bulk and 51,8V Float will not charge the 2 X Batteries to 98% SOC at least, what is your research in this regard?
  5. Did anyone figure out how to cascade / stack 2 or more Shoto Lithium batteries? I need more info on the connection between the batteries using the Rs485 ports; Is there a specific pin-out for the cable or would any straight RJ45 do? Which ports do you use to interconnect, RS485A or RS485B? Anyone figured out how to connect to a PC, which port and software to use? Ho do you set the dip switches for master and slave batteries?
  6. Hi Tariq, Agreed the EasySolar II WiFi is non existent, I’m in the WiFi business and gave up on this WiFi, RJ-45 cable is the way. I pulled 2 x RJ-45’s as my install is located in the garage, the 2nd cable is used for the Victron energy meter located in my main DB.
  7. HI nightbyte, I also have 2 X of the same Shoto batteries in parallel, using a Victron Easy solar. Where did you get the user manual you mention "The batteries are paralleled in a Master and Slave cascade. The cascade communication is RS485/RJ45 wired as per the user manual." I do not have any communication between the batteries, they are only connected in parallel and of course I use + from one battery and - from the 2nd. I have no idea what the SOC LED's mean, do you have more information?
  8. Thanks for the replies, the solution; Tested voltage between N and E with AC in feed isolated, measures 0.14V, checked all connections again-and-again, all OK Decided to change Victron grid code to confirm ground relay tick is selected, still waiting for a password from Victron. Decided to replace the ELB with an old CBI I have... Issue found, so the ACDC brand ELB is faulty, with the CBI ELB it works 100% Moral of the story, be careful using ACDC brand breakers, this is the 2nd faulty ELB from their brand I got in 1 month...
  9. Hi all, thanks for a great platform! My setup; Victron EasySolar-II (Multilplus-II GX with SmartSolar MPPT all-in-one). Main DB in house and Inverter DB in garage. Main DB feed to Inverter trough 30A breaker. Inverter DB ELB between power out from Multiplus to essential load breakers. Common ground connection between ESKOM and Multiplus. 2 X Earth pegs, 1 for PV array frames and 1 for EasySolar and Battery ground connections. All works fine but... if I use a plug tester to check for ELB trip on power out from Multiplus, the Main DB ELB only trips, inverter DB ELB not. If I pr
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