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Solar inverter for unbalanced loads


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Has anyone here come across a 3-phase grid-tied inverter that can supply unequal loads?

For example at a particular point in time a site has the following loads:

  • 3.3kW on Phase 1
  • 4.3kW on Phase 2
  • 2.3kW on Phase 3

Assuming a 10kW inverter, a standard inverter would inject 3.3kW per phase.

i.e. in the case of exporting

  • Phase 1 would be catered for
  • Phase 2 would only supply 3.3kW and 1kW would come from AC
  • Phase 3 would be catered for and 1kW would be exported to grid.

In the case where exporting is limited, then typically all phases would be limited to 1kW (as I understand it).

Are there any that would split the power unequally across the three phases?

I am under the impression that the Imeon 9.12 and potentially the Infinisolar 10kW may be able to do this (neither of which are on the City of Cape Town's approved list).

Here is the blurb from Imeon on their units capabilities https://imeon-energy.co.uk/apps-en/smart-grid-type-en/unbalanced-phases-adjust-the-injection-per-phase/

Thanks in advance


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Another related question.

Assuming I can't find an approved inverter described previously. Can anyone confirm whether 3-phase inverters typically ramp down to the lowest phase requirement or each phase operate independently up to it's rating (i.e. inverter rating divided by 3).

using the previous example: Would all phases ramp down to 2.3kW or will phase 1 &2 put out 3.3kW and phase 3 put out 2.3kW?

I can't seem to find documentation from manufacturers on this.


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