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  1. IIRC the "default" setting is for lead acids. Try setting it to one of the other battery types/makes that matches the spec sheet of your battery If the BMS is communicating with the inverter properly it will take over and let the inverter know when it's charged. E.g. we installed and inverter with a custom 14.4kWh battery (single unit) with 56V charge requirement. 1) We set it as 1 Pylontech it will charge to 53.2V at about 25Amps so the PV input limits itself. 2)When set as 4 x Pylontechs it gave us about 100A charging, but only to 53.2V, battery never went above 95%
  2. I've just had a look on the PC and the normal user profile doesn't allow you to look at the alarm records. I assume your inverter has been registered with your installers profile. If not you can use mine and I will have a look for you.
  3. Hi Barry Is your inverter linked to your WiFi? Also are you registered on the SEMS portal? This should hopefully give you some idea of the what happened. Cheers Dave
  4. Ok cool, how are you connected to the inverter? Do you know if this could be used on the Axpert Kings?
  5. Good to hear. What software are you using to monitor your system?
  6. Apologies, the price is R 13 500 incl VAT, warranty still intact. Based in Cape Town.
  7. I have a client who bought and installed 3 Synapse (Axpert) Kings in a 3-phase installation. Due to the noise and location of the inverters, the client is going a different route. Thus we would like to sell the inverters on his behalf for R 13 820.13 incl. VAT each including the parallel card. These are basically new.
  8. Interesting, could that you could potentially have a grid-tie type inverter depending on the firmware installed?
  9. Full Circle Solar seem to sell them (out of stock at the moment though). https://www.fullcirclesolar.co.za/product/7-2kva-7200kw-axpert-king-max-vat-incl/ Perhaps they can give you some feedback
  10. I was always under the impression it was like the king but can take a bigger load. Where did you get the inverter from? Do the suppliers not have some info?
  11. Anyone know where I can get a copy of the software for an Imeon 3.6? I believe it's called Imeon Manager 2.2.2. Client bought a house with the Imeon installed. Need to go through the hassle of getting it registered with the City of Cape Town, but need a copy of the software to know what's going on.
  12. Hi Gnome I agree with you on this point. What I have found out is the following: The current Axpert King inverters are in the region of 62db The Sunsynk's are rated at <30db Ideally, I would use some like the Goodwe 5048d-es which has no fan, but a massive block of aluminium instead. Unfortunately, they cannot be paralleled (3-phase supply to house) and the manufacturer does not allow for more than one to be connected to the same battery bank.
  13. Thanks Jason Sent you an email earlier today. Got your response
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