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  1. Thanks all for the responses Will chat to the client about what he would like to do
  2. I have just installed an off-grid system for a client using 3 Axpert King inverters in parallel. The client is happy except for the noise generated when there is a load (e.g. oven). What are your thoughts of the Sunsynk in this respect?
  3. Another related question. Assuming I can't find an approved inverter described previously. Can anyone confirm whether 3-phase inverters typically ramp down to the lowest phase requirement or each phase operate independently up to it's rating (i.e. inverter rating divided by 3). using the previous example: Would all phases ramp down to 2.3kW or will phase 1 &2 put out 3.3kW and phase 3 put out 2.3kW? I can't seem to find documentation from manufacturers on this. Thanks
  4. Has anyone here come across a 3-phase grid-tied inverter that can supply unequal loads? For example at a particular point in time a site has the following loads: 3.3kW on Phase 1 4.3kW on Phase 2 2.3kW on Phase 3 Assuming a 10kW inverter, a standard inverter would inject 3.3kW per phase. i.e. in the case of exporting Phase 1 would be catered for Phase 2 would only supply 3.3kW and 1kW would come from AC Phase 3 would be catered for and 1kW would be exported to grid. In the case where exporting is limited, then typically all phases would be
  5. Thanks, just what I was hoping for
  6. Thanks Boerseun That's exactly what I was hoping for. Been looking for a 3-phase grid tied hybrid solution that uses a 48V battery system. Only 3-phase hybrids on CoCT approved inverter list use high voltage batteries. Will send you a PM for the manual, thanks.
  7. Hi All I have been searching, but haven't been able to come up with a definite answer. Can the Sunsynk/Deye/Ohm 5kW inverters be setup to in parallel on a 3-phase network? i.e. 3 inverters (1 per phase) sharing the same battery? I have seen reference to being setup in parallel on one phase, but lacking info on 3-phases setup. Thanks in advance
  8. Hi All I have a similar issue, but with a 3 phase installation. I have tried the steps suggested above, but not having any luck. Can anyone give some helpful advice? Thanks
  9. Some feedback, so we connected up the inverters (with original cards) and they run in parallel mode without any issues. Thanks for the help
  10. Thanks for the reply. The documentation shows otherwise (pic below). Keeping in mind that the inverters are running off the same battery bank
  11. Here is a pic that looks like the additional board I have bought. I've circled the chips that I refer to as being "missing" in the original board
  12. I recently bought 3 Axpert inverters for the purposes of running on a 3 phase supply. When I queried with the supplier whether they were able to be paralleled, they said yes, but I need to purchase the parallel kit (fair enough). On opening the inverters, it appears that there is already a parallel card installed. It is identical (vga type connections, etc) to the additional cards I bought but missing 2 chips. I initially thought it might be some sort of dummy board, but I've found no information on this, only completely blank boards. The inverter also came with all the parallel cabl
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