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Gas geyser

Chris Kitson

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Hi there. We have a gas geyser on our renovated container. The water supply is a tank about 40m away around 2m above the geyser. I dont have an issue with pressure as it starts up the geyser flame and we get piping hot water. We are able to regulate the hot-cold mix of water through the kitchen and bathroom taps. However, the shower is an issue. The hot water fluctuates from off to extreme heat and we cant get an even temperature no matter how much we adjust the cold tap. Is it something to do with the fact that the shower outlet is a similar height or higher than the gas geyser or is there another issue? Thanks

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I am not a plumber or an expert but have installed 4 gas geysers of various siizes where water pressure is an issue, built a "donkey" with a 44 gallon drum for an al fresco shower stall.

As far as I am aware all the geysers I installed needed a minimum of 0.2 bar pressure to function.

1bar = 10metre head (? I think).

Therefor your shower head looks like it is probably less than 2 metres below the tank and is thus marginal. If the tank is full you may have enough pressure but as it empties you lose too much causing the geyser to shutdown.

Solutions? Raise the tank or install a "on demand" pressure pump, either 220v or 12v with solar.

B.t.w. If your geyser is of "modern" design you don't balance the temperature with the cold tap, you set the desired temperature by balancing the rate of flow thru' the geyser and the flame/fire.

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For a start I would say adjust your gas geyser temperature to the desired temperature and not "piping hot". Remember gas geysers heat on demand and does not need to be kept at extremely high temperatures.

If you have this sorted, you can only open the hot water tap in the shower and won't need to adjust with cold water, this will then immediately show if your pressure is to low.

But I do agree with Thunderbolt, if you only rely on gravity for pressure here, you are going to struggle as you will be needing more than 20m height or some kind of a pressure pump.

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