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Teamviewer hacked


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TV has always had decent security, it is the users that have had bad security... Think about it, if you just download basic Tv for your machine, you get a fairly random password (anything from 4 random characters on older versions to 8 random characters on recent)... The issue is not about TV security, but about how end users treat security.

The problem here is that TV users have the ability to save their sessions/usersnames/passwords for machines they have accessed. This is the part of the system that got broken... I use this regulary to assist clients remotely, and the story is about the fact that if they hack my account then they will have instant access to all my clients... 100% correct and a risk...

You can safely keep teamviewer, by just not setting it up as a default user has overriding control (this you have to do by the advanced settings in TV anyway). For the normal user, who gets a new password value every time, and hasn't set a user/password override, you cannot be affected.

TV is a valuable tool and can save you money with regards to call out costs etc, but like everything you have to be vigilant of dodgy people accessing your computer... Try picture the remote user sitting at your computer desk, there are some things you don't want them to touch...

On another last note: Now that I have your panicked attention? The story about TV being hacked is absolute bogus, it was fake and and a hype story trying to get your panic level up. The reason I wanted you to keep reading about a fake story is that it is possible, so although this story isn't real, another might be soon... Be careful with your usernames, passwords and personal information on the Internet. I am experienced and I have even been caught... Common sense and asking questions of friends and trusted forum members or people you know in real life are worth a thousand times more than the "internet story" or "proof" you got from the internet.

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I had a chat with TV Germany, asking them about the alleged breach, and them being so quiet about it.

There was a breach due clients, as you right fully say, not taking their password seriously and still being on older versions where the newer versions had authentication built in where you need to allow a new connection. Then TV also forced the 2 time authentication if you connect from a new device.

They did give out a press release.

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