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Infini V Solar inverter


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Dears , 

I hope to get the firmware of Infini V to fix some problem during parallel like grid charge .

I connect 3 inverter in parallel to get 3 Phase 

The first- second  inverter have firmware 51.90

the third inverter has firmware  version 52.30 

we need to use same firmware for all inverter to stability 

So Please I need firmware with any version 52.30 , or 52.40 or 51.90 to update all inverters.

Best regards.


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On 2020/11/10 at 12:08 AM, razmasoom said:

Ah! Thanks for reminding me about this site; I hadn't looked there for over a year. I managed to scoop three recent firmware files from there:

* VM III main firmware version 91.20; this appears to be the one with recent BMS support

* Removable Display firmware version 02.60. I haven't looked at this yet, but on the surface it seems to be at least 2 major revisions higher than 02.49. I assume that this would be usable by Kings as well as VM IIIs. [ Edit: I'll be checking that in due course. ] [ Edit: It does seem to be King compatible so far. ]

* Axpert Max 7200 W main firmware version 90.11.

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