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RELi3ON Batteries


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48 minutes ago, The Terrible Triplett said:

Plonkster ... why 2000? That is 100% DOD?

Apples for apples should it not be 50% DOD calc?

2000 is for 80%. I used that one because it's listed on the spec sheet. Saved me from having to read the chart. But okay, lets do the math for 50%.

12*100*0.5*6000 = 3600kwh

If the battery goes for R18 000 (for argument's sake) it's still R5/kwh. I know people pay that for UPS batteries (where other factors might be more important, like fast recharge and high discharge rates), but it simply won't do when lead acids to half that (have to be replaced more often, yes, but a farmer cares about rands per hectare, and so do we :-) ).

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Just now, The Terrible Triplett said:

not that easy to beat

And almost completely recyclable. The only downside really is the weight, the space it takes, and the messiness... boer maak 'n plan though.

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I ordered a wood box specced for 4 x batteries, with wheels ... going to put it in my braai room and insulate the box a bit.

Fan mounted on the op of one side, to start when there is excess power on the load dumping function of the Morningstar, to extract the hydrogen.

If it works, for I can measure the batt temps, then mine is sorted for a very long time, winter and summer, for the braai room gets about 45 in summer, 15 in winter.

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