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  1. i might have one for you. pm
  2. They are very similar in topology yes. Main issue for me on them, something which may improve over time with software, is the response of inverter while running on grid. its in no rush to start carrying the load or backing off when a load is released. not an issue in this case of course.
  3. Oh yeah fair enough. Its common practice non servicable "fuse" hehe. Nothing really too wrong with that imho. But a fuse fails reliably by contrast. My assumption earlier was that the first pows were fused? That would have been on the load side not to the power supply section. Just interesting. Im keen on testing mine, wondering what higher voltages would do to that because ive seen some horrible grid voltages here lately. If i had to guess the failure reason its either power supply isolation fail making the supply circuit over draw or most commonly and already discussed a loose connection. I dont like the push pin terminals, thats why i use the ferrules here. Gimme screws pls
  4. Just checked mine and it doesnt look like the pow R2 is fused. Judging by the position of burns its power supply input resistor. Perhaps it wasnt the loads fault..
  5. That is the saddest sonoff i've ever seen ,
  6. I had out the box failure on one, took 6 months before i got a repaired unit back, to be fair it was lock-down but 6 months is stupid ridiculous. Installed a Victron for the client a week after failure at my expense. To me they now fall int the "do not touch" category, although i'm sure many people are very happy and they work well for them. i'm just unlucky
  7. yes youd think so hehe all of them i've seen yes different countries handle it well differently. some would have to connect this through to an isolated earth spike and the backups earth should then be isolated from mains earth and only go to a spike. Not here though we bond all the earths. They try to accommodate all the options but the recommendation would have been based on region. To connect you would typically use a 3 core in and a 3 core out. you should connect all 6, i.e. L N E backup left and L N E Grid right. you can then bond the two earths permanently in the DB or in the little connection housing underneath, Bridge PE to backup earth. Importantly if you don't use the backup earth terminal on the inverter it wont bond the neutral when the grid fails. I can confirm this is the way it works. if you don't connect it neutral hovers at half of ac depending. if you do its millivolts.
  8. Weasel

    48V Inverter

    On the side for out of warranty items.
  9. Yes. My thumb is on the neutral and the circuit path is through a relay to earth thats is only connected to the unlabeled earth.
  10. The goodwe es is a brilliant machine. They fall a little short on software and they have had a fair share of firmware bugs. Build quality and component selection im sorry to say surpasses victron by quite a bit. Before im shot at dawn im a massive victron fanboy and to someone like me blue offers the best all round. But credit where its due. The hardware issues guys have with them are almost assuredly because of improper installation, Oversizing backup or high inductive loads. Bonding does happen, guys just dont wire them right. The pe earth is connected to the chassis while the unlabeled earth connection is bonded see pics. In short its the perfect inverter for a certain type of use case. Cons No generator Off grid not recomended No high inductive loads. No parallel Not for the tinkerer Long panel strings not ideal in partially shaded cases Annoying connectivity and firmware issues and propriety software nonsense. Pros Exceptional quality, nippon panasonic omron etc Lower noise and fanless Ip65 if i recall All in one solution with 100A dual tracking mppt Simple to install and setup so less install fees Long strings higher voltage pv so less cabling and again less install fees. Upgrade paths starting with no battery grid tie, or no panel ups. Higher eficiency on grid hybrid because its transformerless vs say victron. Goodwe support isnt bad. Not great but not bad.
  11. Weasel

    48V Inverter

    @Paulbloggs are you in gauteng? i could maybe help you out with the repair.
  12. The specs of the components inside an axpert are so high no one would ever be able to repair it to factory specifications jk
  13. Ah, its only redeeming feature is a fail.
  14. @plonkster, im having trouble with a repair on an same unit, long out of warranty 2010 i think. anyways maybe some insight what i could check next. i swapped out all the relays on the main ac switching because i was convinced a contact was burned off or fused. symptom is that runs fine from battery, you give it grid and it synchronizes, checked all that, the wave-forms align nicely. when synced it latches hums and gives in with an error. the output voltage drops like its fighting the grid but i don't see how.
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