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  1. Hi Plonkster, I am still a little confused, so will the inverter work better at 500 v oc rather than at 550v? I have 22 candian solar 330watt panels currently setup in two strings of 11 panels each, giving a theoretical value of 501.6v (v oc is 45..6 @ STC, or 41.9 @ NOCT), i have another two panels already mounted, as well as cables in place and everything, but i never connected them because i thought it might cause problems, since my losses was less than what i expected from theoretical values.... so if i understood correctly, my v oc on the panels will be 547.2v oc if i add the
  2. hi guys, Not to derail the original thread or question, but it actually made me think of something i saw the other day, but perhaps @FixAMess or @Fuenkli or @Jaco de Jongh or @plonkster or @Chris Hobsoncan just clarify something, obviously you need to pair the strings according to max rated wattage etc, as well as the max amps rated for the inverter, when considering the volts though, in the goodwe manual it says the mppt voltage range is from 125-550 volt, then it also says that startup voltage is 150v, and then finally it mentions that the MPPT voltage range for full load is 215
  3. so out of interest, i reinstalled and changed all the piping to the sans alternative installation over the weekend... works 100% without changing any of the hardware... still not sure why the supplier would give an installation option that does not work... happy it is sorted however... thanx to everyone who exchanged ideas and took the time to comment and help problem solve.... thanx guys.... had a few hot solar showers this week... works perfect now....
  4. Hi @Jaco de Jongh that is good to know... don't need that kind here... As for the comparison between goodwe and victron... as per my comment normally you get what you pay for and that is why i also said i think the victron is more expensive... or used to be for a reason since their equipment seem more robust in the long run... in your opinion how does the sunsylk compare between the two, and another brand that you don't hear or see to often on here is the fronuis which also seem to fall in a similar price category....? was interested to get your opinions on these....
  5. to all the guys who replied, thanx a lot, as far as i can tell, i have everything connected correctly though, pump pumping in the correct direction, no non return valve facing or installed in the wrong direction etc etc. The flapper type non return valves i selected because they have way less resistance then or when compared to the spring loaded counterpart, and can be opened blowing into them very easily, so i am sure that is not the problem, which also led me to thinh the head might be the problem, but surely the pump must be able to pump against some head, my pipe work is not that far to th
  6. @plonkster thanx for the proper explanation.... part of the problem with some of the chinese products is the sometimes unseemingly loopholes they take... now i also understand the issue... is interesting about the differences in the charger you explained, and also again shows that to compare apples with apples you need an in depth understanding since they do not always spec or rate these in the same manner, in my opinion sometimes to over sell their product (like car speakers rated in max wattage or pmpo and not rms... worthless trash figures!) @jykenmynie not at all buddy, just being
  7. @ plonkster.. so i am a novice as mentioned before, what is the real world implication of this... meaning the danger or dis-advantage of the TN not being bonded.... is this always the case, or only when the grid goes out? I see the 3KVA easy solar is listed just over 30 making it on par with the goodwe, which is def a big change since i last researched the two options! I see max wattage though for the victron is 5500watt, where the goodwe is 6500watt, and max charge current is only 35 amps, can that be right, on my goodwe it is 100amps, do i understand it correct that i will only be able
  8. I Bought and paid for a ES last week R31 475 incl... so don't think the sustainable is realistic no... but again, as i mentioned, i did not want to get involved in a keyboard battle with anyone since i mentioned that it was MY experience, which might be dated already, this was just my experience. However when comparing the prices of blue vs goodwe from the company where i bought it from there was a significant difference in price if everything was totalled. I also did mention however that i think either one is great products, and that it might be possible to get Victron at the same price
  9. I am also still a novice myself. and don't want to argue or upset anyone, but unless there was significant changes since i got my goodwe (about a year ago) then it simply is not true that the victron is the more or less the same price as the goodwe. WIth the victron the mppt, the inverter etc all needs to be bought seperately to have the same functionality as what the goodwe offers. So if you add the two mppt's, the inverter price, the gx unit etc etc, then you are quite a bit over in terms of cost, but like i said it might have changed, but briefly looking at inverter warehouse where i bought
  10. sorry, i worded my explaination on the vacuum breakers wrong... last section i meant when needed it will allow air into geyser... not let it escape... that is my humble understanding... again by no strecth am i a plumber... or have a lot of plumbing experience... just how i seemed to me when i tried figuring it out when installing the solar geyser.... obviously there is more to it than what i thought... must be missing something stupid here....
  11. The vacuum breakers as far as i know, the ones situated at the inlet and outlet of the geyser is only there to prevent the geyser to collapse due to full vacuum and geyser unable to draw air in this event... these work basically like an inverted non return valve as far as i know... if there is water it will push the valve or breaker closed, if it needs air the valve will open to allow air to escape... regarding the air release valve installed at the highest point... i even manually opened this one to let out air until it was only water flwoing out but still no joy... i am also of t
  12. hi Guys, Thanx for the replies so far... that is what i can understand @Fuenkli... i can hear the pump is running... i tested with multimeter voltage is 16volt (dc solar powered pump) but i can even hear it is pumping.... i disconnected the valve, took it out and tested it, working 100%.... I had or did install an air release valve... at highest point.... i also reckoned no flow... but %^&*( why... pump is installed at same level as base of geyser so should have sufficeint water feed.....??? Oh an i used method one... should maybe try method two.... is a
  13. Hi Fuenkli.... sorry makes sense... i followed these instructions below... first updating and ensuring my exising installation was corrected if not according to standard or sabs installation standards... although again for the record i am no plumber, although looking at kwikot diagrams my existing geyser had one or two smaller installation errors i first corrected before installing the evt geyser as per installation instruction... only thing i did differently was installing an additional non return valve (flapper type) after pump, but thought this should be better and actually help
  14. Hi Guys, Is there no plumbers or people with plumbing experience on here... finally received a drawing or directions from the sun pays, follow it to the letter, everything installed but the setup is not working. I suspect i am not getting enough or any flow... not sure what the cause can be... i hear the pump "working", took it out and tested it pumping water from a bucket, but then it is obviously not pumping against a head... the temp in the solar collector reaches 104 degrees minutes after the sun rises and never drops, telling me there is not or little water in... wtf is the problem..
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