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  1. @NicoH If you want to use it off-grid then no, do some research or talk to a supplier to find best solutions. If however you wanted to use this in combination with a grid, you still get electricity from a power utility too and this will be a backup or used to reduce your bills, and you are not the kind of person who want to fiddle with and tweak the settings after, then yea, it is a clean looking system and easy to install.
  2. @jykenmynie I finally got the aircon hooked up and it is working fine. It is this unit if you want to have a look at the specs. Will be running it through the week to see what power consumption is like. Although, I live in a converted shipping container (tiny house) so the area to keep cool is much smaller than in a typical houses.
  3. Yes, it is single string and it has been quite cold since a cold front is comming over. I live in the Karoo in open area with cold winds. I guess that explains it then, thanks !
  4. Started getting this problem today. Power goes out and the inverter displays "PV Volt Fault". It seems to happen as soon as the batteries are done charging. I've been using this system for about 3 months with no such problem and have not made any recent changes to it. The batteries also indicates "Cell Overvoltage", or that is what I think they are indicating on the LED from what I can gather in manual. It is Alpha-ESS Smile5 Inverter, 2x Alpha-ESS Smile5 Battery 5.7kWh, and 12x Sharp 330W Poly Solar Panels. Anyone know what could be causing this? For now I disconnected the PV a
  5. An annoying thing started happening. The power will go off and on twice in quick succession. It will then stay on for a while and then do same again...... until I unplug the Inverter from my network! This happened some time last week and again today. The Internet LED is blinking (it is normally solid on) so that is why I suspected it is related to something with the Internet connection and disconnected the Inverter. This seems to work since the power has not gone off again. When it happened last week I did the same and unplugged it. Later that day I plugged it in again but the LED was st
  6. Little update on the issue I had with panels not being used. They can supposedly push an update that would resolve this but since I am not on a grid the update can not be applied. @Pelican it would probably be best to ask your supplier to get in touch with the people at AlphaESS with your questions, or at least make a new topic with your question so it is not buried in my thread where someone with an answer might not see it.
  7. I have an LG Smart Inverter air-con. Got this type of unit since I read it would consume less energy and is hoping it will not have a big startup draw like I assume normal aircons have. Still have to get it hooked up but not really a priority during winter so I will see come summer.
  8. Wow, did not think it could reach that high. I understand now why it would reset the Inverter. Luckily I do not need the compressor often and was more a convenience for doing some spray painting or cleaning out a computer.
  9. I used www.solar-shop.co.za to purchase my solar setup. I can not remember how long my main system took to deliver but the additional battery I purchased a few weeks ago took a week. I do not live near any major city so that is to be expected. They are very fast to reply to support questions via email and on the website so no problems there. I've used www.sustainable.co.za for my 12VDC pressure pump with a panel and battery, and a gas water heater. No problems with delivery here either.
  10. This will be my little review or thoughts I want to share after having used this system for about half a month. I hope this can help someone researching and deciding to buy this system or somehting else. I live totally off-grid, no Eskom line to my home. The system I installed includes the Alpha-ESS Smile5 Inverter, 2x Alpha-ESS Smile5 Battery 5.7kWh, and 12x Sharp 330W Poly Solar Panels. I mainly went for this system, which is more expensive (at least on the Inverter side) than something that would not have grid-tie capabilities because it looked simple to install and nice, clean an
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