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  1. This made me look at the incoming volts on my history after loadshedding. It came up to about 228V immediately, but then dropped to 208V and for about 15 minutes struggled to get back to 225V. Would it not maybe be preferable to set the inverter to only transfer back to the grid after something like 15 minutes of the grid being available or does it really not make a difference?
  2. I guess the normal mechanism to do something like this would be to contact the bank and ask if you can re-mortgage. If your house is worth more than the current outstanding bond (you’ve already paid off some) then you could technically access additional funds that way. Obviously then you need to make sure that you can afford to repay the new installments. I’m not a financial advisor, but I’ll second what @GreenFields said. It is safest to make sure you can pay off the bond for the parts over its useable lifetime, and not over the term of the house. For example, you don’t want to finance a car over 20 years if it will break after 15 and then you need to keep on paying the scrapped car off for 5 more years while you need to purchase another car on a new bond.
  3. A relatively cheap (and plug and play) solution could be to have timers on the geyser. Unless you are in a very specific circumstance, it should be perfectly fine to heat up the geyser for two hours, say from 18:00 to 20:00 (starting say 30min before people start showering) and then just remember not to have the underfloor heating on during the geyser’s slots. The geyser could then again turn on say 06:00 to 08:00. If the geyser is well insulated, you should have plenty warm water until at least 12:00. If you then also use warm water in the kitchen, you might put a third time on for it to heat up again.
  4. I can't really help you with the technical questions on Axpert, but I am sure Coloumb will come across this topic soon. With regards to only using the solar panels to charge the batteries when the grid is down, I'm not sure this will stop the solar panels from degrading. They will probably degrade pretty much the same by just lying there in the sun?
  5. Jaco delivers to CPT. I'm going to purchase my solar panels and MPPTs from him.
  6. I had exactly the same happened to me. Some people take insane chances.
  7. Does the installer give you a detailed quote where you can see the prices of the hardware itself? The installer is likely to also quote for installation, wiring, CoC etc.
  8. While I can't help you with your original issue, I do want to note to you that 1xUS3000 isn't powerful enough for a 5kVA inverter. It can only continuously provide 37A. This is worth about 1800W before DC to AC losses (so probably only 1600W on the AC side). If you draw more than that from the battery continuously, it would shut down eventually (at least, this is my understanding from other's experiences).
  9. I understand that JHB also have this requirement? I don't stay in JHB though, just from what I've heard. @FixAMess, I think you asked about it?
  10. Except when your wife's dad is one of those old school engineers and always did everything himself. Now you go around getting people to do stuff for you because you don't feel comfortable working on things you aren't even an amateur in... "I think my dad thinks that we are spending a lot of money of people to do these things for us when we can do it ourselves."
  11. I don't think it is a requirement, per say, but it was explained to me that it just helps the charging/discharging of the stack to be ever so slightly more "balanced". Guess it can't hurt to do it!
  12. Yeah but it looks a bit funny, because his Lan Port 0 is open (how Pylontech defines the master) on the top battery but the CAN port on the bottom battery is being used, I seem to recall the Pylontech manual says you need to run the CAN cable from the master also. @vulgrim, do you pick up the batteries correctly in your "devices" list when you open up your Venus' control panel?
  13. The Goodwe can only invert 20 Amps. Meaning, all its DC sources, PV included, it would be able to invert 4600kVA to AC. It does have a higher pass-through though, I think about 40 Amps (depending on the model). So from its AC Input, it would be able to transfer up to 40 Amps to its back-up side's AC demands.
  14. Hi Bobster Your Goodwe shouldn't have two "Outputs" like a Victron. It only has out "Backup Output". In order to power the other non-essentials, it pushes back on its AC In. So yes, it is powering the non-essentials, but it won't power them if they don't already demand power from the grid. Your EZ meter tells the Goodwe that those appliances are demanding power from the grid and then the Goodwe pushes back to neutralise that draw.


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