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  1. Can anyone assist in figuring out what has gone wrong here. I work away from home and I cannot physically check anything. My wife heard the alarm and upon checking she said she thought she could smell something burning. However she's not sure. When I look at the alarm logs I see a temperature alarm followed by the overload error 8 seconds later. I'v reset the system, switched the inverter off and on again but the alarm just reappears. I think the inverter might be damaged. Any advice at all will be appreciated. I've now bypassed the inverter completely. MultiPlus-II 48/3000/35-32 (externe sensor max 32A)
  2. Why do you have your battery capacity at 210 Ah? Should it not be 74 Ah x 3 = 222 Ah? I doubt that's your problem though.
  3. I've got mine stacked on top of each other on a wooden shelf with rubber feet on the outer edges to give them some space to breathe. I can't see what the problem would be on the bottom shelf of a chipboard cupboard.
  4. Installation done. I'm really happy with it. way quieter than expected when idling. The fan switch is located to the right of the Jean Muller battery disconnect and when engaged, makes the system completely silent. Thank you @Jaco de Jongh for the customary wonderful service and patience. Thanks @plonkster for the ' Silence fan' assistant tip. The problems encountered during load shedding have all been mitigated.
  5. Look in 'Pylontech battery' > 'Parameters' > 'Charge / Discharge' . I have 2 x US3000 batteries i.e. 2 x 37A = 74A
  6. Looks superb. Congratulations. Did you connect the batteries to a bus bar as described here?
  7. @DannyK, I was hoping to hear from people with real world experience. Maybe someone will chime in soon.
  8. I had a similar experience with them. Multiple emails and phone calls but zero response. My only online purchase was with https://re-volt.co.za/Store/ I had no issues, infact they were very good. I do all my purchases through @Jaco de Jongh now.
  9. I was intrigued by the question of the current carrying ability of the standard cables so I dug around a bit and found this https://community.victronenergy.com/answers/41649/view.html Using the linked online calculator, it does give the same result.
  10. Ek's 'n SlimmerJimm. I had no luck with anyone in the area. Speak to @Jaco de Jongh, he did my installation and I cannot recommend him enough.
  11. Views or Valley? Go with the MultiPlus II GX 48/3000/35-32, it might be a little more expensive than buying the non GX + Venus version but it makes for a neater/simpler installation. I would go Blue for many reasons including their excellent hardware and software offerings, massive community, constant firmware improvements, great support locally etc etc. etc.
  12. Thank you @plonkster. Placed an order for a Victron MultiPlus II GX 48/3000/35-32.
  13. As simple as that. Thank you. I'm unsure how the switch will be wired up, any links? Regards
  14. That's almost certainly a high voltage alarm error. I used to get that as well when the batteries where not being cycled. The Venus GX used to report on it as in the image below. It went away when I added panels and started using ESS properly but it does return if I have to use the 'Keep Batteries Charged' setting.
  15. My daughter has just moved into her new apartment. In anticipation of load shedding returning, I purchased 2 x Pylon US3000Bs for an installation in the apartment. There is no way to incorporate solar as the body corporate will not allow it so we are looking at a purely UPS solution to power TV, router, laptops, lights and plug points i.e. a solution to reduce the discomfort of no electricity. I initially wanted to use a Multiplus II 3kVA but I think it would be too noisy. I own one and it can be loud when inverting, too loud to live with in an apartment. I love and I am comfortable with Victron's suite of hardware and software so I would lean in that direction. There is a cupboard above the DB in which the Inverter could possibly be installed but I don't think it will sufficiently deaden the noise. Any thoughts and suggestions?
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