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  1. Most puzzling, it's an amazingly good offer.
  2. It is affected by this setting. The explanation for this setting is taken from the ESS manual.
  3. @Jatho, same one from AVF? You'd do yourself the biggest favour ever by engaging with Jaco, do it with confidence.
  4. I have to agree with Jaco here. I run the same inverter with 2 x US3000BS and 6 x 315W panels and it serves me very well. The geyser and oven/hob bypass the inverter. Everything works flawlessly and it is the perfect starter system and can easily be scaled up as required. The Victron hardware and software offerings, large community, frequent updates, good support etc. make a very compelling argument. If I had to do it all over again, I'd go the exact same route.
  5. The SurLok cables i.e. the 25mm red and orange ones are for connecting to the inverter/charger. The cable with the RJ45 connector is meant to be for communication between the Pylon master battery BMS and inverter or other controller but as Jaco said it seems to be surplus to requirements. You only need one of these packs per system. This is the communication cable required for a PylonTech and Victron setup https://segensolar.co.za/product/deval-ltd/storage-systems-deval-ltd/communication-cable-storage-systems-deval-ltd/rj45-s-ftp-5m-lithium-comm-cable-for-victron-installs/ The battery itself comes with cables to parallel with another battery.
  6. I know it seems like many of us are gushing over Jaco here...that's because we are. Everything said about him here is true. I have the highest regard for him in every respect and would have zero hesitation in recommending him to anyone .
  7. Jason, Surely this should be classified as an emergency and warrants immediate attention despite the lock-down. I had a dangerous situation at home and managed to get an electrician out. Neither @Jaco de Jongh nor @Soltaro are trying to be alarmist, just brutally honest. Good luck.
  8. It turned out that someone had interfered with the kiosk box that served my property. There was some dodgy wiring present in the box which was immediately evident to the naked eye due to the presence of what looked to be a rogue wire and insulation tape. City Power's response and fixing of the problem was nothing short of extremely impressive, under 24 hours from logging to closure.
  9. City Power were here and acknowledge it is a problem on their side. Someone will be around tomorrow to rectify the problem.
  10. @plonkster, that measurement was 31.58V However this afternoon, after another tripping incident I measured again and got 159.7V
  11. I'm probably not expressing myself correctly here. What should the reading be when measured as can be seen below?
  12. Thanks @plonkster. I had an electrician over and after much measuring and checking, he found that the voltage coming into the house is around 261V. This is a problem on the council's side.
  13. Thank you very much. I cannot find a stake within my boundary walls, I will look at the incoming box from the council.
  14. We're experiencing some issues at home with our electrical installation. First the plugs started tripping intermittently, some light bulbs started popping and now we're feeling light jolts when touching the taps. What could be the issue? Could anyone recommend a good electrician in Midrand? Thanks.
  15. @plonkster, I think the @SchyffS meant can a Multi II GX 3000 be parallelled with a Multi II 3000.


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