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  1. Mine also does that little jump from 88% but it doesn't look like its just in 1 minute tho - closer to 20-30mins here Also Victron - both a 3kva multiplus II + a 5kva looks like the same pattern my batts are the pylontech 3.5kwh x 3
  2. I think your wires are crossed there ,that's why i brought it up...the older tech is non inverter type. Startup load will be greater but i'm not sure about running load
  3. Before you get an error here working things out aren't you NON inverter type aircon ? or you changing it?. Maybe its just the start up load that makes a differance between the 2 anyway - i don't know but someone else here will
  4. Victron MultiPlus II 48/3000/35-32 Inverter March 2019 there was no 5000VA stock so i brought/used this till now ,is less than 1 year old & in as new condition. Only used as UPS R15,000 Private sale so no VAT. Durban Specs are here : https://www.victronenergy.com/upload/documents/Datasheet-MultiPlus-II-inverter-charger-EN.pdf
  5. If i'm shopping i'd like to buy all in one place so maybe some cabinet options for the Pylontech's? I also think a "store" link tab from the forum would be a good idea... i had to back up to look where the store even was. Thanks for a great forum
  6. I like my Venus even if its just for being able check what's been going on with battery's. No Venus no VRM ain't it?
  7. It's not maybe powerassist active/kicking in?
  8. Also battery cabinet if u want to keep it tidy but if only going 1 then maybe no need. I'm running similar to what your thinking of doing (just ups) but have 3 pylontech's, 1 might be questionable but guess it depends on load req. Maybe check stock on the Pylontech's before you get to far into it @SilverNodashi i found good to use as getting replies from any other avenue was a bang your head against the wall exercise back in march. The combo works great - it just works
  9. I'm not running a quattro but a multiplus II on a change over & it accepts generator power fine (honda eu30is).
  10. https://www.fin24.com/Economy/Eskom/eskom-colder-weather-signals-load-shedding-risk-this-week-20190408-2 I think that chart that DeepBass9 posted has a bit more truth to it than what Gordhan had to say a week ago 2019 levels sitting in the bottom left......
  11. That cable is Victron part number ASS030720018 I got mine with my Venus thru Current Automation,was r290 You also need a standard cat cable RJ45 to RJ45 for the other side ,from the Venus to the inverter, the plug ends for that come with the Venus if you want to make your own
  12. So in this example - what figure do CocT use? I've seen it says KVA not W so the model number eg 3000VA or 5000VA or the cont output power 3000VA or 5000VA or the max apparent feed in power 2500VA or 4000VA
  13. 2una

    Multiplus II

    MP II 3000 here.....I'm only hooked up for UPS & AC2 ain't used, only pulled criticals to the inverter, rest got left on the db - had no issues...no idea where to find which HW version it is, don't see it in the consol.
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