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  1. So far been behaving itself - recent voltage jump due to venus updating to 2.60 now, Pulled the window back to 2mins instead of 5 & see if it still behaves
  2. Ok that would add up, so i'm really more or less just back over on the earlier keep charged settings that worked without bothering with a discharge. Will give it a run here for a bit & see whats what. Thanks
  3. Managed to set it up & hopefully on the right track now - Leave schedule page SOC off & use 95% SOC on the main ESS page. When the open window starts it uses battery power at whatever the grid draw was/is to drain the battery toward 95% but doesn't go that far if the time allocated is too short. Now i just need to find out how far i need to drop it to have the battery think its done something. Current setting is a 5min window & takes me down to 50.1V
  4. Schedule page SOC now turned off - all it wants to do is let the batteries go sit at that selected SOC (highest choice being 95%) So now i guess i must just see how many minutes i need to leave that no charge/discharge window open for to make the batteries think it's done something in the last 3 days.
  5. I also see in the schedule page i can turn off the "Stop on SOC" so that might also offer an option to use, not sure if that is better to have on or off, is on for now
  6. I'm going to have a try with some earlier advice you suggested & see what gives before i just go back to the "ignore it" option From here - 1. If you're running "Keep Batteries Charged", you can (in VE.Configure) enable Dynamic current limiting for that AC input. This is actually meant for generators. What it does is when a larger load starts on the output, it uses the Multi to "cushion" the blow, so that the generator gets more of a gradual load increase. By using this you make the batteries do something every now and then. 2. Instead of using "Keep Batteries Charg
  7. SVS - was already set to off settings as so - SCS on but looks like overridden to Disabled on the next line below it. AC input setting - I think this is the one you mean here? set to 50A
  8. Got thru the night with no voltage spike happening with that setting I notice here on the graph it definitely seems to be a lot busier whilst it would normally be sitting in full charge idle mode - green line is about where the settings was changed which was also right before a 2 hour load shedding. Plonkster i wonder how difficult it would be to add a Voltage set point to that ESS "feed to grid" setting for them. (LIke here set it at 52.8/53V) OR is that in someway possible to already do? I'm thinking on one hand we are setting ESS to "keep batteries charged" &
  9. I checked for that 2.60 when you mentioned about it - seems its not in the official release yet.(i'm still 2.58 with auto update set to on) Ok fingers crossed with this attempt, Have load shedding kicked in now & that problem seems to come a few hours after the battery is back charged again so maybe tonight may tell a story
  10. Just checking myself - that's the one you mean that i've now turned on?
  11. Ok i'll load that ESS back on with that setting & see what happens. Thanks !!
  12. Thanks for the input Plonkster - you think re-enable ESS & add that setting & try huh. Does this lend any clues? Batt voltage 53V & yet i still see some "charging" going on in that problem area while its throwing out batt high voltage alarms at the same time. The green line is 1st sign of high voltage The yellow line around the 1st High batt voltage alarm thrown
  13. Cursed myself Now removed the ESS assistant out of the picture & see whether that changes anything, If not then i guess a firmware rollback. Settings pre ESS delete was so
  14. Weirdness - Changed nothing & the issue seems to have disappeared - touch wood - hopefully disappeared
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