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Cellcronic 5KW VIII solar output Problem


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I am having Cellcronic 5KW VIII hybrid inverter setup with 16 nos of 325w solar panel , total of 5.2kw. It's a inverter which can be used with or without battery. 

My setup is running without battery with grid tie (netmetering). One problem is being noticed , while home has demand of 200w solar produce 1200w approx selling 1000w to grid network. But when at same time 2000w load is connected solar produce 3000w selling almost 1 kw. But if load is reduced again to 200w it again lowers its solar production to 1200w. Why it can't produce 3000w when load is 200w and selling 2800w to grid. 

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18 hours ago, razmasoom said:

while home has demand of 200w solar produce 1200w approx selling 1000w to grid network.

The Cellcronic appears to be an Axpert VM III (or possibly a clone thereof). [ Edit: it seems there are many models branded Cellcronic, and further information reveals it to be an Infini V or clone; see nect few posts. ] If so, it's not a true hybrid inverter, and should not be exporting power to the grid. In your scenario above, it's likely that the 1000 W is charging the battery, not exporting to the grid.

That would explain why when the load reduces, the PV production reduces; it has to respect the maximum battery charge current limit, or the battery voltage is approaching the absorb/bulk voltage setting, so the charge current, and hence charge power, has to back off to avoid over-voltage of the battery.

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It's exporting energy confirmed with netmeter installed showing import and export to grid. On installation date export was 0 . But after 4 days it's 27kwh. But it's not utilising full capacity of 5kw panel. In one day 1kw panel almost produce 4-5 units .so 20 units per day production should have done.and in 4 days it should have 80units . But it only exports average of 1kw power only on average whatsoever load is.

Like when load is 2.58kw it's producing 3.39kw

And load is 227w it's producing 1.41kw. pic attached.





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Asked the seller , he said for hybrid inveter to work stabily battery are needed. But this inverter works without battery too during day time without problem. I will try to test the same with battery. Lets see what happens. Also it is monitored by solarpower software. It has one option of max feed in power . But this option is disabled while connecting to inverter. 




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10 hours ago, razmasoom said:

pic attached.

Ah. From the LC Display, I can see that it's an Infini V or clone thereof. So yes, a proper hybrid, and you have proven that with the net meter.

Strange that you seem to have the maximum feed-in grid power set to zero, yet it is exporting.

Is the energy meter definitely in the correct place to measure energy exported to the actual grid? Perhaps it's measuring energy exported to the rest of your house. Do you have non-inverter loads (perhaps a geyser) that could account for the "exported" power? I don't own a hybrid inverter, and don't know much about them.

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Solved the problem . Used batteries and changed the voltage range of the inverter . As earlier set to India where it can feed in power for voltage range of 195 to 253v. Grid voltage was most of time higher than 250 hence some time it sells power sometimes not when voltage of distribution side increased above 253v. Now set to Voltage range of 184v to 264v .Now selling full potential of solar output available to inverter even after battery is fully charged &is on float mode and load is barely 100w.



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