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Infinisolar 3kPlus Off-Grid mode not using batteries


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I've had my new Pylontech batteries, thank you Power Forum Store, for 2 months now and they've been great.
My Infinisolar (Mecer branded) has been running in Grid-Tie with Backup mode but with the feed into grid option disabled and I'd set it all up to only use the batteries to feed the load from 19:00 to 04:00 or until the SOC reaches 50% to keep a little in reserve in case of power failure. I'm still tweaking the settings to get it to stop at 50% of actual Pylontech SOC but it's been working okay so far.

On Tuesday my new prepaid meter got installed and I had another look at the inverter settings and decided to try the Off-Grid option, mainly because it's then got no possibility of feeding back to the grid, or so I thought...
First problem I noticed was that it did not use the batteries on Tuesday night at all.
The other thing I noticed is that both in Off-Grid and Grid-Tie with feed to grid disabled I'm seeing the occasional negative watt values (using ICC) on the grid side, I've seen as much as -150W.

Is this something to be concerned with?

Here are my Off-Grid settings.
Is there something I missed to get it to use the batteries at night?

Here were/are my Grid-Tied settings that worked for using the battery at night.

I'm currently back on the Grid-Tie settings and the batteries were used last night as they used to be.
Can I just leave it set as Grid-Tie but with that "Allow to feed-in to the Grid" disabled?
This seems to be working apart from that occasional negative grid watts, but I also saw that in the Off-Grid mode too...

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