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Axpert Max 7.2 kva and 3rd gen Pylon us3000c


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Hope someone can help with the Pylon BMS connection problem 

installed a axpert Max 7.2 kw and a 3rd gen Pylon us3000c.
Made a custom cable using the pin outs for the king.

however when connecting the battery the Pylon beeps 3 times  after a wile  and i see a error 61 on the display.
watchpower also reports a eeprom error.

Do anyone know if there's a different pin out for the axpert max ?  
and could the axpert firmware be incompatible with the latest 3rd gen Pylon US3000c?


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On 2020/11/16 at 9:57 AM, wtjaden said:

Solved this issue  right is the Battery  left inverter 
so battery pin 8  to inverter pin 3  and battery pin 7 to inverter pin 5 


Many thanks, the Cable I received in my 5KV Kodak King 3 weeks ago is the same as this, what made it all work was using this cable and on the Pylontech Battery Dip1 up (1)  and inserting the RJ45 into RS485 socket on the battery... Now the battery icon flashes and its all happy using PyL on inverter setting 05. Still currently discharging to check battery shutdown..


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