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  1. hello @Solar Assistant - Care to share a little more detail on this? I can only assume that the Pi as a docker host with influx, grafana, your custom site, MQTT in there too perhaps ?
  2. I have not tried them but the supplier confirmed that they are just rebranded pylons and works fine with regular pylons (just the name on the box that are replaced, battery sacks and hardware comes from pylontech) Dealership prices are 13999 ex vat at the minute for the 3000c, No shipping.
  3. Actualice su firmware Kings al firmware más reciente: 71.94 y los 69 problemas que tiene donde se producen las desconexiones de energía fotovoltaica o ca desaparecerán. Encuentre el firmware en esta sección de descarga de foros.
  4. Manufacturers state 6000 cycles at 80% DoC at 25 degrees, so you should be good going from 100% to 20% SoC every day in terms of reaching 6000 cycles. I run my inverter in SBU mode with solar only for the battery charge source. (Sunny days) Im a low energy user (15 kWh a day on average / no AC running! ) so my small array carries the base load during the day & charges the battery and the 4.7 kwh usable part of the battery carries the night load until sunrise. Depending on how intense the dinner making routine is of course, I sometimes hit 20% SoC about an hour before sunrise where
  5. I came here to ask exactly this! Thinking by myself last night "who else here recently build a small PV system to combat load-shedding & the ever rising cost of corruption are now moving towards plans to extending their system further." With the likes of City of Cape Town, DA & others pushing really hard to be able to purchase from IPP`s, I foresee Eskom heading towards a slow death spiral. Unfortunately, this will be a the cost of the tax payers. It only logically makes sense to push harder for going off-grid now, shame that the brainless government is digging a hole even deepe
  6. Hi @Coulomb, I have added a US3000c to my setup recently just before the x-mas break. With the 3000c as the master the weird dump & charge fluctuation seen from the start of this thread with just the one 2000b battery has gone away. Im guessing the firmware / settings has improved a little on the newer model battery vs the 2000b
  7. yes, here on the forum in the download section: AxpertKing5KW71.94.rar - Files - Power Forum - Renewable Energy Discussion
  8. Hello, had the same thing & flashed 71.94 that resolved the PV bypass issue for me when the battery SOC reached 100% related posted earlier by myself: Is my Axpert King destroying my Pylontech battery? - Batteries - Power Forum - Renewable Energy Discussion
  9. I must add, this is data collected from the inverter only, I'm not yet collecting data from the battery.
  10. Hello All, Curious question for those aware of the 69 PV & AC battery charging "error" when the battery SOC is 100%, bypasses the input feed. Now I have the later 71.94 firmware loaded & the PV & AC battery SOC "error" is now just a "warning" - PV/AC input not bypassed every few seconds. With this fixed in firmware im observing what appears to be the inverter "draining & dumping" power back into the battery in order to overcome the 69 error issue into a warning one (assumption by obverting the battery voltages) These "fluctuations" occurs as soon as the ba
  11. Yes I understand and agree with your argument, the brand does indeed sell itself and house branding with a minimal price difference compared to other retail outlets sounds like pushing margins too hard.
  12. yep I am aware, my small system I must admit was ordered from online retailers & shipped from JHB to CPT for pretty much the same price as this suppliers wholesale. So not a great deal then really if e-tailors can beat/match their price + shipping across the country.
  13. That is a dealer price, I've asked for their US2000 price if you are interested & will revert back. Don't mind reselling as is for science Rubicon Partner Portal (rubiconsa.com)
  14. SYNAPSE-3.55KWH-48V-RM - R 17 950,11
  15. Hello, Are these the exact same batteries as the Pylontechs, any gotcha`s anyone is aware of with the rebranded? First time I've seen these, curious if anyone have had any experience with this.
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