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Dual inverter system


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System with MultiplusII / 5000 / 48 GX  LiFePo batteries.

I want to install a second smaller inverter to run small essential loads, so that the 5 Kw inverter can be switched off to reduce overnight load on the battery. I have found the search mode is problemmatic because very small loads such as router, and sprinkler system that needs 230 v to be present, but only uses a few watts, is not enough to start the large inverter. 

The Multi uses 720 watt hours to run 24 for hours.

What is the best option for an 800 watt or 1200 watt inverter, and what is the best way to control that  ? Ideally, the small inverter would power the loads from the same battery pack, until the load exceeds 750 watts, then the larger inverter will switch on and the smaller one will turn off. I want the change over to be seamless. Any experience of this and is the saving in power worth it ?


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