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Solar panel seal


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Hey everyone

Is there anyone that has ever come across a seal that can be used between solar panels.

In South Africa of course 😂

This is so you can build a carport or similar and use solar panels as the roof and have a tight seal between them.

Thanks for the replies in advance. 

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i am pretty sure if you build a proper support structure to install the panels onto, and just pop rivet the panels frames to each other with some sillicone inbetween you will have zero leaks. sillicone makes for a pretty strong bond and waterproof bond, and will take on the exact profile obviously. 


I would just look at perhaps getting a better type that is maybe UV stabilized. Also maybe during the design put some spacing here and there between strings, should you need to clean, or do some sort of maintenance... although you should be able to get access from below....

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