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  1. I can assist with a hydraulic crimper in Randpark Ridge.
  2. I used this one for mine and it came pretty close to what was produced in 1 year. It predicted that I would generate 1.89MW for the year where I actually produced 2.1MW which is pretty close. https://re.jrc.ec.europa.eu/pvg_tools/en/tools.html#PVP
  3. Thank you Vassen. Think I am going with the Jinko solar 405w panels. Let's see how they turn out.
  4. Hi All, Seems like both is in the same quality bracket but from personal experience which one would you choose? The Canadian is around 15%/watt more expensive for the same size. I currently have Canadian's on my one site but have to choose again for a new site.
  5. I bought a 200a shunt with a 16bit ADC and will link that up to a nodemcu and access the data over the internet. Will see how it turns out.
  6. Have not seen it in SA but I saw one of the Victron installation videos where they use only regular solar panels with a seal on the roof in place of the normal roof.
  7. Where do we slot in the earth bonding relay. If GRID fails do we then bind do Neutral-Earth bond with the relay. Meaning LOAD neutral will be connect to the 3 neutral and the DB neutral from the GRID?
  8. I was wondering the same how one would wire your geyser into the normal DB but also include it on the aux output of the sunsynk
  9. I am also in the process for my DIY. I went with 16 x 120ah. I have made up the battery busbars. So this weekend will be Drilling them out and connecting. Then making some angle iron brackets to fit the battery. I went with the ANT smart BMS. I think Sunsynk need to do some work to build comms with this BMS, there might be a market for it.
  10. Anyone having information regarding the Itron EM420i for COJ/CIty Power. Would that allow feedback or will it cause problems?
  11. I bought a few meters of them at ACDC. Check with one closes to you. It was a year or 2 ago and was like R13p/m if not mistaken.
  12. Okay, looks like the 10mm cable will be the best. Might get away with 15m per run. DB1 to inverter to power inverter 15m Inverter to DB1 for critical loads 15m Future plan: The inverter has a smart ouput where if there is extra solar during the day it can dump into that output. Maybe geyser and pool pump. How would one wire this to output to the geyser and poolpump to run normally off grid during the day but if there is extra solar run it on that circuit. Or is this where the pass through power rating comes through? This will then require the 3rd run of 15m from i
  13. Hi All, Planning to setup a sunsynk 5.5 inverter. One of the big issues that I am debating is about the wire size and the best route for it. To run the sunsynk optimal one would need sets of wire( 1 going to inverter and 2 return from inverter). The problem that I have is, I want to install the inverter in the garage but the length is around 20m each way. That will work out to around 60m+ of 6mm2 cable at around R50/60pm it would work out to around R3k just for the wire. Now my thinking is that the main incoming line of power sits outside the garage, can I split the connection on t
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