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  1. TILE ROOF HOOK for sale. 8 available. Moved to a different location. R400neg for all Randburg
  2. What if you use micro inverter on the GEN input leg?
  3. A quick solution for real time monitoring is a cheap 485 converter en raspberry pi zero w. And you install node red with a light dashboard on and then on your home router you just forward your port to access the dashboard externally. Then you can see it both internally and externally. I can get the reading but from those docs I don't know how to set change a setting. I ideally just want to change the use timer setting if I see loadshedding will catch me out.
  4. I hope they have a exchange policy for the people that bought the old logger and now wants the new Sunsynk one.
  5. Is this for a completely off-grid setup? And is there backup generator if it is cloudy for a few days?
  6. Another one, did you imports someone else's code? Try and delete everything and setup just an injector switch a function and modbus flex getter node with debug.
  7. This is my settings that is working. Node-red version : 0.20.8
  8. I have heard numerous problems with those cheap ones. Best would be to try one of these. https://www.robotics.org.za/RS485-3P?search=485
  9. What RS485 converter do you use? Might cause a problem. I run mine on a raspberry pi zero w without any problems. I go from (inverter)RJ45 -> rs485 to usb converter -> usb extention cable -> usb to micro usb cable -> rpi zero. And also use a cheap usb power adopter without any problems
  10. What is your guys polling timing set to? I have mine on 15sec. But don't want to overload the inverter data side.
  11. Looks like you need super admin rights. This mine on SOLARMAN Business. Edt: My profile even indicate that I am super admin.
  12. I know there is a option on the display under basic settings -> last tab that says lock out all changes. I wonder if that will give you the option to lock display settings update. But I agree if this is not ticked, allow the app for anyone to update the settings. Maybe have like a double check on settings update. This will be nice to change your inverter settings if you are away and let's say loadshedding hits and you want to rather up battery SOC for levels
  13. I think Johnny Wasinda is refering to putting them in 6s2p giving him 22.28A on the 22.2A limit of the inverter. That should be fine. The inverter will just clip the extra amsp
  14. Or get a geyser element that is has 2 elements build into one. Use one side for grid and other one for inverter.
  15. Looking at the size of the battery to the trunking I think it is 2.75kW each.
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