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  1. If you spend some time you can also get your specific schedule for suburb. Have a look at these few steps. https://mybroadband.co.za/forum/threads/loadshedding-api.672196/ https://github.com/daffster/mypowerstats https://www.npmjs.com/package/eskom-loadshedding-api In my home I have sonoff wall switches on all my lights. What I then did with HA you can calculate the on time for each entity. I use a sonoff pow to measure all my light's individual power usage. Then with a calculation I can dynamically calculate power usage of all the lights individually and add that to my dashboard. Did the same with my TV. The blow save the stats for 30days and then in the template I use a average of 120w when the tv is on. #bedroom tv - platform: history_stats name: 'btv' entity_id: media_player.tv_ua43nu7100 state: 'playing' type: time end: '{{ now() }}' duration: days: 30 - platform: template sensors: btv_template: friendly_name: 'Bedroom TV' unit_of_measurement: W value_template: '{{ states.sensor.btv.state | multiply(120)|round(1) }}'
  2. What is the sister site? I browsed a bit but never saw something to that extend.
  3. You can add the loadshedding stage as well. Component : HTTP request node Method : Get URL : http://loadshedding.eskom.co.za/LoadShedding/GetStatus return a signle digit. But use -1. Ex : return of 1 is stage 0 loadshedding. 2 return is stage 1.
  4. That is good use for it. I like the node-red interface it is easily programmable and the GUi give you a nice view. The upside of node red is there is lot of integration available. For fine tuning of the pump and prediction you can integrate a weather module to give some prediction for the day and then move more water if you see it sunny. Also look node-red has a build in dashboard function and it is very easy to setup. Because you know how long the pump is running from your tasmota device you can setup a timer and then based on the calculated average usage of the pump show your pump power usage for the month or any other sonoff/tasmota device.
  5. I doubt their data would be much. I think rather it is your wifi router. On the cheap one's it does not like multiple divices using it. CPU pin 100% it overheats and then start dropping packets. Hardwire where you can and switch to lite commercial use, something like Mikrotik or Unify. You can also check if you don't have multiple wifi transmitters on the same channel. I have a mikrotik and I do around 15.-2.5TB at home per month and never have to restart routers or switches.
  6. No not a must, a STAR inverter. Also only have a windows exe file. Has a lot of info from the inverter, if I can only get the data out in mqtt. The shelly EM is nice, but was a bit expensive to get. The pzem-004t with a nodemcu and CT clamp is around R150/channel. Ordered a few of them and then send the data through mqtt to HA. This is how it is over the last 9 months.
  7. What my guess is the charging current that is preventing more than 700w. Maybe the battery is full and not taking more charge really. What windows software are you using with the inverter, and how do you connect to it? USB or RS-485 My inverter is only RS-485, but is looking for software that is compatible with the pi. As for now I just run a pzem-004 that I integrate to a nodemcu running tasmota and send that to Home assistant
  8. If City Power can keep the power on and allow grid feedback then solar grid tie systems can also help them.
  9. Add another 24v inverter. And run both inverters. If you need, split what needs power between the two.
  10. I agree some guys need to step up and do some basic covering up to do a clean setup. But on the other side the home owner also need to prepare the installation location. Paint and level the surface. Most of the time on the dodgy installs, the area where the installation happens looks close to the end product. Some dodgy shed on the farm where the door does not close and the brick laying was done by someone with no experience.
  11. If ordering from Banggood. Use this one from my experience it is best. South Africa Direct Mail (Tax Free) 7-15 business days Tracked
  12. I guess Racegadgets is just a dropshipping company ordering from Banggood. They normally also do the Buffalo shipping. Best tip I can give is order something that has a tracking number. Banggood ordering through Buffalo takes around 20days to arrive. Aliexpress around 60 days
  13. I have to agree, don't oversize the panels that much. My panels are setup quite far west facing and I have seen them topping out past their rated capacity a few times already. Normally cold and rainy days.
  14. Same boat with the Grid-tied on my side. And the rain does not help much. This is at 07:50 with light rain.
  15. The rain is not helping much, but I am surprised at how much is generated from the cloudy/raining days. Dropped from 8.5kWh to around 1.5kWh at this stage.


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