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  1. Saw the same thing on the one from Takealot. You can check the manual but that just refers to placing 6 x 270w panels in parallel. Not sure if the manual is very old or someting else.
  2. Saw another inverter this morning that popped up, looks like either a clone or a replica of the Synsynk inverter. Called something like OHM inverter
  3. I am based in the Gauteng Area - Randburg/West Rand You can download the spec sheet below. this one is KSG-4k version Omega KSG1.5-6KW (1).pdf
  4. Bumping this inverter for sale still. Need to upgrade for bigger battery backup. price R6500
  5. You can add a webcam/camera to the display. I have seen some HA component that can interpret the 8 segment display. And from there you can derive the value.
  6. Don't think you can go wrong with Banggood. Have ordered 50+ times from them and no hiccup.
  7. I take it the 5.5 would also do grid-tied with hybrid battery backup? I need to switch away from only grid tied to something with battery backup
  8. Should the cable from the solar panels not enter the DB from the bottom? This would limit water coming in with the wires to run over the connections. If it comes in from the bottom it would run out before reaching the CB's.
  9. Haha. That is a nice and clean cabinet installation. Just in case there is a sale on only batteries and not cabinets, then you are prepared.
  10. Every time I see there is a new update on this thread I open it with the hope that there is a few new pics to check out the lab. But each time I am left with disappointment...
  11. I ordered the one from Bain for now, would have liked something more than 100A but this one is the same price as aliexpress for the 100A and then you don't have to worry about getting it here.
  12. @Gerlach which site did you order from on Aliexpress? I have used scott's shipping before. Maybe i must chat to him to bring one in for me as well.
  13. Following this thread. I currently have a grid-tied system but moving to a new place where I can't connect Grid-tied. Ordered the cells from Bain as well. But did not include a BMS. Looking at either a DIY BMS or a smart BMS. Hybrid Inverter is either the EasySolar 2 48/3000 CX with the mppt. or a Kodak depending if it is for the long run or just to get started.
  14. Or you can check out this post if that makes more sense. https://forums.aeva.asn.au/viewtopic.php?title=pip4048ms-inverter&p=54762&t=4332#p54762
  15. Following up on the fans. Some of the CPU cooler fans on the pc's has either 3/4 wire to control the fan. Wired like this.
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