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DIY Battery. BMS Question.


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Hi Guys,

Im busy with my project, and by the looks of it, i will have enough Cells to make a battery. 20a Cells. Max current 2A.

My questions is Choosing the BMS.

Im looking at the BMS from Lithium SA.



It can do 50A charge current. 

My solar charger is a Victeon 250/70. 

My question is this.

1. Do i have to set the MPPT to 50A max charging(give or take 6a extra for base load of house) or can i keep it at 70A. 


2. Does the BMS only take 50A charge and let the rest to wast.

And final

3. Will it blow if i give to more than 50A charge?

Atm, i have 4x 390w JA panels.

I have a 24v system. Currently with 4x12v 100a agm. MPPT set to 46a max charging current. Batteries max charging limit is 20a.

Looking forward to some great answers.











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