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Lithium Titanate Battery


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Is anyone perhaps familiar with the above mentioned battery technology?

Apparently they are already in commercial use.

Some of the claimed advantages are:

  • The LTO batteries have super long cycle life of 25,000 to 30,000 times, 100% DOD, equivalent to 40 years of service life.
  • LTO is the fastest charge/discharge lithium battery at 10C continuously, which can be fully charged/discharged in 6 minutes, to support critical loads such as air condition, water pumps, EV charging, etc. in residential, commercial, industrial ESS applications
  • Super good Low/High Temperature Performance at -50℃ ~60℃
  • Due to these low-temperature discharge characteristics, it is able to obtain up to 80% of its full capacity at a mere -30°C

The one drawback seem to be a somewhat lower energy density compared to other lithium based batteries.

The chemistry is supposedly very stable:



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1 hour ago, WeNotGood said:

Is anyone perhaps familiar with the above mentioned battery technology?

Will Prowse did a review/test on them on boobtube a while back. He didn’t speak too fondly of them from what I remember, although I cannot remember the exact outcome. Look at his videos and you will find it somewhere. 

I saw in another post that you were wanting to upgrade your BYD pack. If you are interested, take a look at these guys below. They operate in my town and while they are small they offer a pretty good deal. I got two 6.6kw lithium batteries for R36k (Black Friday special) and went back last Friday to get a third one (R21k now) 

Gandalf who is on this forum got 4 of their batteries on that Black Friday special, and he has been off-grid since then.

Maybe these are not for you, but it’s worth a look.  



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Seems like he has changed his mind somewhat:

"I was wrong about Lithium Titanate batteries. But should you use them for solar? 2020 Update"

Main remaining objections seems to be:

1. Price

2. Lower energy density for non stationary applications

3. Not suitable for 12v Systems

Can certainly see how these can be an advantage e.g in the Karoo where it gets both ridiculously hot and cold.

I am aware of someone with Pylontechs that sits under a roof but outside the house and his batteries will not get going occasionally during very cold winter mornings.



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