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Sunsynk affected by rain


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Hi guys

I hope you can assist with this situation I am having with my sunsynk 8KW,  every time it rains the earth leakage in my DB  trips. I realized that if I switch off the PV on the side of the inverter then every thing runs well even when it is raining. Is there a reason for this happening when it is raining?

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5 hours ago, Vassen said:

That seems very strange as the pv, meaning the dc side, should be isolated from the ac side. 

Most modern inverters are "transformerless", which means that they are not isolated from the AC side. So the panels have lethal voltage on them even at night. Enough leakage from the panels or the panel wiring to earth will cause the earth leakage system to trip. It's sadly rather common that some panels leak to earth. But it might also because of some MC4 connectors (likely clones) that are not properly waterproof, or not connected tightly so some water can get in.

It's even possible for your solar isolator to be full of rain water. Obviously, that's not good for its contacts, and can pose a fire hazard.

It may be worth getting someone to look over your installation, to see if there is something obvious. If it's the panels themselves that are leaking, not much can be done, apart from disconnecting the panels every time it rains.

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