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Lithium ion batteries


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13 hours ago, RSaaiman said:

can I connect a lithium ion battery on a sol-i-ax-5p64 mecer inverter?

Yes. But since it's a 64 V model, the common 15S LFP batteries (e.g. Pylontech) will be a bit marginal at low state of charge. Below a battery voltage of about 48.1 V, the output will start clipping; with 15S, that's an average cell voltage of just over 3.2 VPC. If you set the output voltage to 220 V, it's not so bad; 46.2 V and 3.08 VPC. 3.2 V is a quite low SOC with no load, but the battery could easily sag to 3.2 V from normal states of charge.

If you use a 16S LFP battery, there is no problem, or other chemistries where the battery voltage would rarely end up below 48.1 V even under high load.

The model you mentioned does not have a removable display, so it's not possible to connect directly to the BMS of popular pre-packaged batteries (again, such as Pylontech). But you can just set battery type to USE and adjust the various settings such as absorb/bulk voltage, maximum charge current, etc. Search this forum for recommended settings; if using a Pylontech or other 15S LFP battery, use the ones that suggest 52.5 V for the absorb/bulk setting. These will prolong life and avoid problems due to the inverter overshooting voltage targets.

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