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Parallel vs standalone



Morning Everyone,

We started our journey towards end of 2019 and into 2020. System 24 panels, 2x Kodak King inverters (5KW each). The slave always has 04 error (which I believe is a battery voltage issue). Spending more time at home, I've monitoring the system at various times of the day and seems to be there most of the time.

I'm now contemplating splitting my current parallel setup into outside (borehole, pool, fence, etc) and inside. I have spare lithium batteries that aren't being used as well. Clearly there would be an additional cost setting up DB board, etc.

Can anyone help guide me in this process? Maybe had a similar issue? Would splitting it make a difference?

All the best for 2021 everyone!



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4 hours ago, Jeroen said:

The slave always has 04 error (which I believe is a battery voltage issue).

I think if the slave registered an 04 (low battery voltage) error, it would cause both inverters to stop inverting (they would both just bypass AC-in to AC-out).

Fault code ("error") 04 (critically low battery voltage) would display as F04. Warning 04 (low but not critical battery voltage, continue operating) displays as 04⚠.

What do the two inverters report the battery voltage as, when the slave is showing warning 04?

It may be that the slave is misreading the battery voltage, or it somehow sees a lower battery voltage (perhaps the inverters' battery terminals aren't connected correctly, and the slave sees a voltage drop due to load?

Can you check the battery voltage at each inverter's battery terminals with a multimeter?

It might be possible that the inverters have ended up with different battery voltage settings somehow. It might be worth checking (from the front panels) to see if the relevant settings (especially setting 29, battery low cutoff voltage, and perhaps setting 12, back to grid battery voltage) differ between the two inverters. The charge current settings (02 and 11) can differ, but this should not affect your problem.

It may be possible to avoid the hassle of splitting the systems. Splitting the loads often leads to situations where one inverter has spare but unused capacity, when the other is overloaded. Or one battery is low when the other has plenty of energy. So aside from the hassle and expense, it would be best to not split the loads, if possible.

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