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Prowess MPS 5kVA Inverter

Justin Stadtlander

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[ Edit: Please pardon my manners. Welcome to the forum! ]

I'm assuming that the prowess inverter-chargers are rebadged or cloned Axpert MKS models. If not, nothing I say below applies.

12 hours ago, Justin Stadtlander said:

2 strings of 3 x 390w panels. 

Oh dear. See below.


The inverter is picking up +-130v which is perfect, but only 30-40w from the panels array.

No, 130 V is 15 V more than the upper range for MPPT operation.


What could be the problem?

It could be that you don't read my signature 😉

390 W panels are likely made up of more than 72 cells, and 3S of 72-cell panels is already too much for 145 V absolute max solar charge controllers. Even if you generate a little power at that high a voltage, the solar chargers overheat and cut back power after a short time.

You should rewire the panels as 2S3P. Perhaps just try 2S on its own to convince yourself that it's worth the effort.

If it's actually a clone, then all bets are off. Perhaps you could post a photo of the barcode sticker on the side of your inverter-charger (if any).

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