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Dual inverter systems

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There seem to be some good offers available right now. Maybe because business is bad and so installers are cutting their margins to try to get business, maybe because the cost of gear is dropping, maybe because they're off-loading old gear. Dunno. But I see lots of what look like good offers with a flat price that includes installation (I am guessing words like "typical" or  "reasonable" appear in the small print).

Anyway, one I saw this morning offers 2 Kodak 5KW inverters and two 4.8 kw/h batteries. 

So how does such a system work? Do the inverters each deal with one battery and have one output and loads get split between the two inverters? Or do the inverters work in parallel to drive a bank of batteries and one set of backed up loads?

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Paralleled Axperts including Kings must use the same battery for all paralleled inverters. The battery could be two or more battery modules or strings of modules, in parallel. When charging the battery, the inverter-chargers' charge currents add. So you might be charging 50A from one and 30A from the other, resulting in 80A total charge, split about equally into two modules (40A per module). 

Almost always the inverters would operate in parallel, sharing the loads. Otherwise, one might be overloaded when the other has spare capacity. 

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