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Hi, I know you posted this in January and have probably thought that this site is not suitable... But you completely posted in the wrong section, which is why we haven't helped you so far... Nobody heard your inquiry.... I was just checking messages when I came across your problem in the archives.

I am not going to email you, since your account is a business, but I (and many of us) are prepared to help you learn about how to use various aspects of solar to your advantage.

You have presented a small business, which at a very rough calculation needs about 1.5Kw per hour from solar or other sources. Lots of us would be willing to help, but your company must understand that they will have to spend money to achieve any goals... Solar power is awesome, but it comes with other expenses. If your business is more than just a small office/home environment, then you do need proper advise. A forum message is not going to solve.

We are all here to help facilitate your questions though, so feel free to keep asking.


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