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  1. I run an office in Helderkruin and need backup for load shedding as we all do. We have 5 X Desktop PC and 3 X Laptop users, the 24 Port Switch, 3 X Unifi Devices and a HP Gen8 Microserver. There is no need for lighting or heating. Please message me at [email protected] with what you have to offer including installation.
  2. Thank you for the response, I'll do exactly that, place a load over the battery and monitor the voltage.
  3. Evening. Hoping for some advice, having searched and come up blank. i have 2 X 190AH Lead Acid Batteries 12 NDT-190 Narada. After lockdown, around 3 weeks back, we found a wrotten egg smell in the office. We found the one battery had leaked a little acid. I removed them from the trolley and took them home to check on a smart charger. They both reached 100% indication within 5 minutes. What would possibly have caused this and is it safe to put them back into service? They were lying on their side in the trolley for as long as they have been in service. Appreciate the help.
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