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Solar PV Mounting bracket Systems

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Hi guys and ladies I want to install two large PV panels on my roof.

Which mounting bracket system do you recommend, I say in a very fussy estate they have give me the approval on condition I supply them with the mounting bracket info.

Steel corrugated roof with 28 degrees.


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I have IBR and used Renusol Metasole+, recommended, supplied and fitted by the PFS. My HOA directors were also fussy about aesthetics, but had no problem with them because the end result looked great. The reason why I went for them is that the system does not have rails, which increase costs.

It does take a little extra effort with the install, because most IBR roofs appear to be straight, but are actually canoe shaped, and the only time this is visible is when you install panels. But I guess that the same would then apply to rails as well, no matter how good the system, it can be borked by an installer with no pride in their work. So the installers may have to use a few spacers to get all panels perfectly flat.

You can see the results here:


and here


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Hi how are the  Renusol Metasole+ brackets fasten to the perlins or the rafters. I see in your photos the bracket are vertically installed.


1) I have Purlins can these brackets be installed horizontally.

2) Do you have to fix the bracket into the purlins or rafter or do they just get fixed to the metal roof sheeting.






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