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US3000C Charging Issues


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Hi guys,

Just wondering if anyone come across a similar issue and how they fixed it.

Have searched the forums, but could find nothing to answer my question.

I have just purchased two US3000C's for a client and swapped out the deep cycle batteries that were installed a year back.

I am a registered electrician and have been installing solar for a little over a year now, and inverter backup systems for around 5 years.

I originally had an error 69 charging error with the US2000B's, but sorted this out by lowering the bulk and float charging values that came out the box with the ICC equipment.

I now installed the US3000C's and came across the same warning 69 issue.

I am aware that this is the batteries' BMS telling the inverter to stop charging, as the batteries are already fully charged.

I have set the bulk and float values all the way down to 51v but am still getting this error.

Does anyone know the correct values to input here so that the inverter does not go into a constant warning 69 loop when the batteries are fully charged?

Many thanks

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I think you will need to be more specific, about the inverter you are using. Does your inverter support BMS coms? best to use bms when using Pylons if possible, then you will not have to worry about manually setting the charging voltage/current and float 

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