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  1. When you contact support they even have recommended settings when you do not use BMS coms, so! someone there is confused Bottom line, lack of BMS comms with the inverter will not void your warranty, contact them and get the recommended settings and keep the email of those settings that they gave you as evidence. Just incase
  2. The inverter causing the battery damage is another story on its own. My issue is this statement, Pylontech replied to my email: "We don't encourage our customers to use our batteries without communication, and it will not be under warranty."
  3. contact technical support and you will get a different answer. The battery's BMS does not rely on any inverter for the BMS to function or to protect the battery in any way. [email protected] Contact jeff for more information on this
  4. can you share the email address of the person who told you that?
  5. My understanding is that, retailer buy from Supplier/manufacturer, he gets issued warranty. Then retailer becomes the warranty holder, meaning retailer can claim warranty from supplier. Now retailer sells the equipment to end user, end user is issued warranty by the retailer. The warranty that the end user has, is between him and the Retailer, not the supplier. hence when he needs to claim, he needs to deal with the retailer. The supplier, in this case, has no dealings with end user because they did not issue him with warranty. The supplier has every right to decline any warranty claims coming from the end user. Warranty not being transferable is a nice way of say, we don't know you, you did not buy from us, therefore, go deal with whoever sold you the equipment
  6. I think PF is a reputable retailer, no questions. The issue is, what happens when someone buy from retailer X then the same retailer goes under and then three years later you want to claim? CPA will not help much when a retailer refuses to honor warranty, we have seen on this forum where a retailer declined and a member went directly to the manufacture and he was assisted. I had had a similar issue where I had to deal with Growatt directly because the retailer was dragging their feet and I wanted my inverter sorted out quick.
  7. Three failures in under a year,
  8. Hence the need to first contact the supplier with warranty issue. Buy from reputable resellers and you not have to worry
  9. warranty is non transferable, you buy used equipment at your own risk. so, if planning to buy used, factor in ''NO WARRANTY'' when you negotiate the price.
  10. Your first contact will be with powerforum store, but you can always escalate to the manufacturer if you are not having joy with the supplier. But in your case, Hubble does not deal with end users and luckily, you bought from a reputable distributor
  11. jip! in my case, I have installed a simple relay with two NO and two NC contacts. On the NO contacts, I have my stove and the geyser and on the NC I have connected a pilot light. When the grid is available, the relay energizes and the NO contacts closes, keeping my stove and geyser powered. when the grid goes, the relay is de-energized, disconnecting the stove and geyser. The pilot light switches on indicating power cut, so no one will use multiple appliances at the same time knowing that there is no eskom. That is the rule in my house. in the kitchen, the clock on the oven powers off and anyone in the kitchen knows that if no clock on the oven, you can not use the kettle and microwave at the same time. Or use the washing machine and dishwasher at that time. Long story shot, there is a work around to the issue of using a small battery.
  12. when there is loadshedding, avoid using electric stove, oven, geyser and heaters. Avoid using multiple power hungry appliances at the same time and you should be fine. All you need to do is just to be aware of your loads and aware that you are on loadshedding. I survived for a long time with just 4.8kwh battery bank made up of 0.5C batteries and 2 x 5Kw inverters. A 5.5kwh , 1C battery will do just fine
  13. The answer is YES! you can start with just one and build from there when funds allow. If your inverter wants 8kw and the battery can't handle that, it will take from the grid. Even my cheap Growatt does that when my bank is low on juice
  14. Hi guys, planning an install for my rental property and need recommendations on which enclosure I can use to house a 5Kw Growatt inverter. The property does not have a garage, so the installation will have to be in a weather proof cabinet/enclosure and the battery will be in the house on the opposite side of the wall. Where can one get an enclosure in Johannesburg? please advise
  15. That is the theory I wouldn't want to test, so I believe you and I believe those that says speed kills..
  16. Now you are comparing two different things, the car is about safety issue and regulations, speed kills.. so I have been told and I believe that. I do not want to try that out to find out if it is true or not. Batteries on the other hand, are just storage devices, the quicker you fill the storage up the better. Even better when you do that every day if you can. Again, this is just my honest opinion if you can fill up your storage quick and empty it quicker so that you can fill it up quick again in a day, that is great and I would call that the perfect utilization of the device. A better comparison will be some who buys a porsche or an Audi R8, only to park it in a garage because they are saving the mileage. They want to keep the mileage low so that the car doesn't age fast and have a better re-sale value. To me, that doesn't make sense. If I could afford a porsche 911, I would daily it and enjoy every moment of it But that is just me
  17. IMHO, restricting the charge and discharge rate to 0.5C, defeat the purpose of getting a 1C battery
  18. My installation does not have an earth spike. My panels are earthed to the ''house earth'', for me and this is my personal opinion, if my DSTV dish and water pipes are bonded to my house earth, why can't I do the same for the PV panels?
  19. All my out door lights and indoor down lights and LED and then never flicker. I honestly don't have any complaints about my inverters and Technical support is always ready to assist with issues. Mainly datalogger issues because that is the only thing that is not working as I had expected. But thanks to the power forum, I managed to get my way around that issue by using RIOT to monitor my Pylontecs batteries. If you are looking for budget solar system, I would strongly recommend Growatt
  20. This seems to be true but for R21k, you can get two 5kw Growatts and since you only need 5kw, you can keep the second one as a spare unit.
  21. Maybe you need to explain to the distributor that you did not remove the BMS from the battery. You just did not connect the communication with the inverter. Not having comms doesn't mean you did not have BMS. BMS is still there and should still work without communication with the inverter
  22. If the battery comes complete with integrated BMS, why will they claim you ran the battery without BMS?
  23. you can have 11 x 600w
  24. Anyone interested in joining the conference, below is the link to follow https://www.linkedin.com/events/africarooftopsolarcongress20226881473257959133185/
  25. Riot is not only for Hubble, it works perfectly well with Pylontec batteries. I'm using mine with Pylontech US2000B battery bank
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