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e-glow.co.za Lithium Cells for DIY battery - has anyone bought from them


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I see that e-glow has some imported cells for sale. (And some BMS's) I see they have been in business for a couple of years selling flashlights and I have not seen any negative reviews about them.

Has anyone bought anything from them yet? There are some nice 280Ah cells that looks promising

Care to give some feedback on the quality of the cells?

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Hi iiznh

Thank you for this.

As a newbie, I saw there are 105 AH, but noted its voltage is 3.2. Am I correct in presuming that 4 of these units must be connected to make up 12 volts?

If so, then is there some sort of device of box that can be used to keep them together, for example if one wanted to attach it to a trolling motor in a small dinghy that bounces on the waves at sea. Does such a container exist? I meant a container to lump 4 of these units together into one single battery, that will not fall apart or come loose on the waves of the ocean?

Thank you



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Hi James, yes you would need 4 cells connected with some bus bars (Alu/Copper Strips) that is capable of carrying  the rated Amperage all in series if you plan to build a 12V battery. (There are lots of configutions like 12V 24V 36V 48V 60V even 100V you would just need more cells) Then you would need another circuit called a Battery Management System that can keep the cells balanced and protect them from over-current, over voltage, under voltage, and stop them charging when below zero temp. The BMS is to protect the cells so that they can give you long service. Since salt water conducts electricity you would need to make sure your electrical system is well insulated, so a water proof container would be critical. Check youtube cannel of Will Prowse https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoj6RxIAQq8kmJme-5dnN0Q if you want to learn more about building your own battery from cells.  He does explain in real simple language. I have seen lots of people keep the batteries together with electrical tape/duct tape. Then again they were not on a boat. These custom builds are very popular with camper vans or people living off-grid.

You can also buy ready-made batteries, in a box with a BMS built in, they look almost identical to a normal car battery, not sure if they are rated water proof though. Something like this https://www.geewiz.co.za/new-items/118291-mecer-200a-12v-lithium.html or https://www.takealot.com/lithium-iron-phosphate-12v-battery-108ah/PLID54968968




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