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New installation and data logger

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Hi everyone

My solar installation finally came together this weekend.

Sunsynk 8kW

15x 300W Canadian solar (4.5 kW)

2x 3.6 kWh Dyness.


We're enjoying our first bit of spotty sun since going live on Friday the 5th. It is awesome to see this Sunsynk in action. It seems to just handle anything you throw at it without any complaints. And of course, having the house and cottage on battery power during load shedding was very, satisfying. I especially enjoy the dashboards made possible with the wifi data logger. This brings me to my question alluded to in the title.


I noticed the data logger (LSW-3) has a tendency to disconnect from the network or time out. On the dashboard it looks like all the data is captured and reported, yet, I am concerned about the constant disconnects.

The disconnects are severe enough that it resulted in the initial configuration taking over an hour instead of just a few minutes to get it on the wifi network. I have tested, it is not the signal strength. Regardless of whether I connect to it directly on wifi via my cellphone or laptop, or if I connect via my router on my local network, these disconnects, or should I rather say, these timeouts (since it still seems to be connected to wifi as far as my router is aware) occur. 

It is possible it is part of its normal operation, i.e., collect data, then connect to the network and send it to the portal, and then disconnect and collect some more data, but it seems unlikely.


Has anyone experienced the same and is this normal?

I also see the option to update the Sunsynk and logger firmware. I understand the Sunsynk firmware update has to be requested. Is this the same for the data logger, and is there currently a benefit to updating?



Screenshot from 2021-02-07 12-29-34.png

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