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Error Code 61 on Kodak MKSII OGX 5.48 5kW 48V Solar Off-grid Inverter


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Good day

I got an error 61 on the inverter. It seem to be a communication problem between the inverter and batter when setup 05 to PYL.

The specs for the inverter and battery is as follows:


Narada 100ah 48v 4.8Kw Lithium Ion Battery

Battery Specification 

Rated Voltage Rated         48V

Capacity Discharge Current (Max.)         100Ah (0.5C to 40.5V @ 25 C) 

Discharge End Voltage  40.5V

Charge Current (Recomm.) 100A

Charge Current (Max.)             100A

Charge Voltage      54±0.5V   

Dimensions  440 mm 400mm 220 mm

Typical Weight  47Kg

  Status Indicators         SOC / ALM / RUN

Communication Ports             RS232 / RS485*2

Communication in Parallel        8 modules in maximum


Kodak MKSII OGX 5.48 5kW 48V Solar Offgrid Inverter


§  Pure sine wave inverter

§  Rate power: 5000 W

§  Input voltage: 230 VAC

§  Selectable input voltage range: 170-280 VAC(For personal computers); 90-280 VAC (Home appliances)

§  Frequency range: 50/60 Hz (Auto sensing)

§  Output voltage regulation (Batt. Mode): 230 VAC +/- 5%

§  Overload capacity: 5 [email protected]≥150% load; 10 [email protected]%~150% load; 100 ms @ ≥200% load

§  Efficiency peak: 90%

§  Transfer time: 15 ms (for personal computers) & 20 ms (for home appliances)

§  Battery voltage: 48 VDC

§  Floating charge voltage: 54 VDC

§  Overcharge protection: 66 VDC

§  Solar charger type: MPPT

§  Maximum PV array power: 4500 W

§  MPP range @ operating voltage: 120 VDC – 430 VDC

§  Max PV Array open circuit voltage: 450 VDC

§  Max Solar charge current: 80 A

§  Max AC charge current: 80 A

§  Dimensions D x W x H (mm): 120 x 295 x 468

§  Net weight: 11 kg

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You're connecting a Narada battery to an inverter, and telling the inverter that it's a Pylontech. I don't know the Naradas at all, but I assume that they have a different communications protocol than the Pylontechs.

Are the Naradas supposed to be Pylontech compatible?

Are the Naradas supposed to be able to talk to an Axpert inverter-charger at all? If so, what should the Battery Type setting be? There are about 8 options on the latest removable display firmwares.

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