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You don't say what inverter you have..

I've seen this many times - some makes of LED bulbs seem more susceptible than others. I've seen flickering bulbs, flashing bulbs and very dim bulbs, both LED and the older compact fluorescent.

It 'may' be due to the way your inverter provides power. Many inverters (not all) do not tie ground and neutral together so, referenced to ground, the phase wire is at 120VAC and the neutral wire is also at 120VAC,  this provides the 240VAC (voltages are nominal and may vary +/-). This may be different with 120VAC supplies in countries that use 120V - I have no experience of this.

Check and see if this is your case and if so then check to see if there is an (official approved!) way to connect the neutral and ground. I know with Studer inverters there is a setting (on the newer models) or a screw and washer (on older models) that lets you do this.

It may be referred to as TN, TT or IT wiring system.

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