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Axpert MKS 5 kVA Mk II


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I installed a Axpert 5 kVA Mk II inverter and have a problem with the output frequency, which shows to be 40 Hz + 1. There is no setting to address this. The alarm also beeps continuously but the red alarm light does not show. The center top of the display shows H5. Can anyone help to correct this situation. The rest of the solar power installation seems to work very well, with batteries charging and utility being off, the load feeds off the system.

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10 hours ago, Eckart said:

The center top of the display shows H5.

This is actually "HS", which is supposed to suggest "MaSter". So that's a problem with setting 28; see FAQ 3 if you need to change it.

But first, I'd try resetting  to default settings, using  Watchpower or other monitoring software, or using the PF command. It sounds like the EEPROM settings are crazy, though I don't see how that would cause the frequency measurement to be off. Of course, you may have to change several settings after that, depending on the system.

Is the output frequency actually 50.0 Hz (±0.1 Hz), as measured by a multimeter?

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