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Issues with Voltex Inverter 5kva / Batteries


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Good morning fellow members.

I am new at this so please excuse my ignorance.

In November 2019 I had a Voltex 5kva 48A inverter installed with 4 X 100ah 12v Batteries.

All worked well and in December 2020 it started flashing an Error 04 when there was load shedding and it would shut down in a few minutes, even when we switched off everything in the house and it was only drawing 50w.

After begging the installers for 7 months to test the batteries they eventually came out and found the batteries were weak. 2 weeks ago they replaced the batteries with a brand new set of the same spec. That evening as load shedding started the exact same thing happened again flashing Error 04 and the inverter switched off and we were in darkness.

Yesterday they came and placed a temporary 2.4kw lithium (50A 50ah) battery to see what happens. As soon as load shedding started the whole system switched off and we had no backup power. Now the inverter wont even switch on again.

Does anybody here know what could be the cause of this? Could the inverter perhaps be not charging the batteries leading to the batteries dying instantly? I am at a loss here.

Thanking you for your inputs.

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2 minutes ago, silvester begedu said:

hie everyone just to take you back what was your lithium battery status am sure there are led indicators on the battery

Hi, it just showed a continuous red LED light. Every 30 seconds or so it makes a tick tick sound for a split second with a flashing green led light then immediately returns to just a red light.

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2 hours ago, 87 Dream said:

Hi guys please read this post or join this conversation. You guys have the same issue...

Lets group this & solve the issues together.


Thank you 87 Dream. Yes, our problems seem the same. Fortunately, my inverter still switches on.....but is also not charging the batteries....and until it does, I will & have not run anything off them.....and they still show a float voltage of 27v (I cannot as a pensioner afford to damage a new set of batteries...in fact this goes for all of us)

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18 hours ago, 87 Dream said:


There are a whole host of reasons your system can get into such a mess. Here is the error message or fault code chart so you can make sense of it. 

Wat I suggest is the following it & when you get it to switch on.

Press & hold enter until the menu setup comes on. Then scan through all the settings & note them down & then post these on here. The Axpert type of inverter is a very tricky animal to get working correctly. No doubt you in the right place & there is a lot of info & gurus on how to tame her. Get the list of menus options usually they run from 1-34. Note them all down on a piece of paper then post them on here. We will find the offending setting & suggest new ones that will improve your situation. 




Hi there, thank you so much for your reply.

So the inverter eventually switched on again by the tie i got home from work. The batteries must have drawn down to zero and switched off the inverter. As I sit here, its been 36 hours since the inverter switched off and the Lithium battery has managed to slowly charge itself up to 75% according to the BMS on the battery. I am assuming this is far too long for a 2.4kw lithium to charge to 75% so could it be that my inverter is simply not charging up the batteries properly?

When I had the 4 X 100ah batteries hooked up previously, I suspected that they were just never charging which is why the inverter kept flashing Error 04. Unfortunately the standard AGM batteries dont have their own BMS to verify their charge. The screen on the inverter would show them as fully charged within a minute of charging yet they couldnt supply power for even a couple of seconds.

We may have load shedding again at 10pm tonight so I will wait and see how the replacement lithium battery reacts this time.

I will note down all the settings you mention and post them here shortly.


Could it be a case of a burned fuse or wire somewhere inside the inverter which caused it to weak charge the batteries exactly one year into owning it?

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On 2021/06/11 at 11:06 PM, 87 Dream said:

I suspect your fears are correct. Send the settings. You have come to the right place. We will help you on this one. Follow the instructions above...


Hi 87

Below are the current settings that the inverter company inputted when they installed the temporary loan Lithium battery last week. Prior I have only been running 4 X 100ah 12v batteries which cant hold the charge for more than a few seconds when load shedding starts.

My settings you asked for are as follows (Version U1 72 30):

00 ESC

01 UE1

02 40A

03 APL

04 5d5

05 USE

06 LFD

07 TFD (the middle letter was a weird looking symbol  that was almost an F?)

09 50Hz

UE1 11 40A

12 47V

13 51v

16 SNU

18 60N

19 ESP

20 LON

22 AON

23 byd

25 Fd5

26 54.6v

27 54v

28 51G

29 45v

30 ONE

31 56E

32 AUT

33 Ed5

34 58.4v

35 60

36 120

37 30d

38 dl 5

30 Ad 5


Side sticker.jpg


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24 minutes ago, 87 Dream said:


Thanks for the settings. Good also to see that your inverter is a genuine Voltronics inverter & not a cloned copy. These settings seem already tweaked for your loaned lithium battery unit already. Also the fact that this is a loan unit means that whatever settings I provide you with won't really assist you with this particular battery inverter combination. Lets rather wait until they return your said 4 X Lead Acids then we can add some meaningful settings going forward.

What did help another forum member was to change his settings in no. 5 to AGM. Which is to tell the inverter that Absorbed Glass Mat batteries are being used. These defaulted settings are a bit easier on the battery. I only set Number 5 menu option to USE when I connect up Lithium batteries because then I can change the battery profile. It did work for him. He had experienced some charging issues much the same as you. Lets explore some ideas once your lead acid batteries are back in operation...


Hi 87

Thank you for your confirmation of settings. I will touch base if and when they decide to replace the batteries.

Thank you also for spending so much time reading my posts and for all your answers, its much appreciated.


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