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Anyone using an Axpert with Removable Display and BMS via CAN bus?


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Earlier I posted about the CAN bus hardware in the removable displays of Axpert inverter-charger models such as the King, VM III, MAX, and others. But now I can't find the CAN support code, and it doesn't look like the CAN registers are used, or the CAN specific interrupt vectors.

[ Edit: Sigh. I must have been looking with mud in my eyes. I now see that protocols WEC (Weco) and SOL (Soltaro) use the CAN bus only. ]

As a point of interest, is anyone successfully using one of these models with a BMS using a CAN bus port?

It seems odd to provide the hardware, and not support it in firmware. Especially when the CAN bus is as popular as it seems to be.

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I found that protocols WEC (Weco) and SOL (Soltaro) use the CAN bus, not the RS-485 bus.

So my question extends to: Is anyone using either a Weco or Soltaro battery with an Axpert-like inverter and a cable between the removable display and the battery's BMS?

Put another way, is anyone running an Axpert-like system with battery type set to WEC or SOL?

I'd be interested in the cable pinouts.

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Hi @Coulomb,

Did you find an answer for this. I am looking for Pinout of my Axpert VM III BMS port for CAN-BUS. 

My intension is to convert my DIY battery BMS into a Pylontech protocol and talk to the inverter.


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8 hours ago, Isuru said:

Did you find an answer for this.

Well, I did find the CANH and CANL pins on the port, and that's basically what you want. The question I was asking was: is anyone using it. From the deafening silence, I'd say it's no, or at least no-one who happens to read this forum and cares enough to answer.

It's a bit hard to read now, with all my changing of mind, but it's in this post:


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