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  1. its this that I am intrigued by: Axpert Max looks to be giving what he sunsynk it giving, give or take some bells and whistles.. nice to haves really right? but functionally meeting very similair requirements. but at the same cost of the synsynk then why not sunsynk right? anyone else getting similar value from other setups? lets hear it:
  2. absolutely loving the feedback on this thread! Sharing is caring guys, keep it coming.. I think the sunsynk+pv+battery is the ultimate starter pack. but i'm not overlooking what buyeye is saying here. its actually quiet intriguing. i mean how many people have the moola to get rolling out the gates with the ultimate starter pack above?I mean lets put figures to it. kit only: Ultimate starter pack = R60k ( 20+20+20) = xkwh per day? Can someone confirm? for 20k should be getting 10x350w panels=3,5kwhx5 solar hours/day = 17.5kwh? Sure there is battery backup there as well, but assume for now its not there. so in actual fact R40k. buyeye, how much did your growatt es solar grid tied setup cost?12k+20k panels for same 17.5kwh per day. 32k sounds like a more palatable starter pack then, right... right?
  3. so battery first, before panels? thats interesting. I dont have a need for backup power immediately ( i got a mecer trolley thingie for loadshedding) and it works ok for now. whats the pro's and cons of battery first then panels? I was thinking panels then battery...
  4. amazing reply there buddy! sometimes, some of us may even just stop by getting some PV in for daytime loads. which wil be the best/cheapest route down that road? the sunsynk is excellent, but i'm pretty sure I may be able to get away with a lesser inverter for daytime PV only?
  5. Like many, I've prowled and read and learnt on this forum. I believe its time for my first post after all that time. Its time for me to start investing money now. I know that someone here surely has done this type of comparison before, and I'm actually quiet surprised it is not brought up more often here. Like many wanted to start going solar, what inverter allows for the best investment upfront? buy and axpert, then a growatt, or a off grid, then a grid tied, or just buy a sunsynk hybrid? how does it blend? or does it switch to utility when it cant provide enough PV? Does grid tied mean blend actively or switch completely to Utlilty? how much does a typical installation cost if I buy everything? including the CoC? What about passthrough? the general accepted average household consumption is said to be 30kwh/day. How does that effect the passthrough quantities? why is there a discussion even about hybrid and true hybrid? what then, should be the upgrade path from someone starting this path, from day 1? Can batteries be added later? Sure everyone says lithium, but is there no case for the other techs? and what are those cases? and ultimately, what are some of the cost/payback calcs that you guys have been playing with? what other critical considerations did i miss in the below table? Model solar battery utility how does it blend, or does it just switch? Grid tied? passthrough is it true hybrid? cost growatt kodak axpert sunsynk Thanking the members of this excellent forum in advance for their answers here! Pyro.
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