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  1. Could someone please advise if this adapter will work to connect to the python? http://www.haitronic.cn/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=647
  2. I have now also upgraded the firmware. The inverter console say my version is now LF1.73.00E. Is that correct?
  3. Thanks for the suggestion Coulomb! I have changed setting 26 to 52.4 (it was on 52.5), I will monitor and see if it helps.
  4. My system ran fine for the last two weeks since I installed the new battery, but the last two days the inverter stopped with an error 52 (bus voltage too low). It works fine again after I restart it. Both days it happened around 12 o'clock during the day, once the battery is almost fully charged. I never had this issue on my old batteries. I didn't upgrade the Axpert's firmware. Any advice would be appreciated.
  5. Thanks wolffandy, I will make the changes.
  6. I have set the bulk charging voltage at 53.2 and Float at 52.2 Is that fine?
  7. Thanks for the reply Coulomb, I appreciate it!
  8. I'm about to upgrade my old batteries to a PylonTech US3000C. I have a RCT-Axpert 5K inverter(I have attached the label for the inverter). Would appreciate if someone could help with the following: I assume I must upgrade the firmware, is the dsp_LF1_74.40e pf1 the correct one? Do I have to install the communication cable between the battery and inverter. Other than for monitoring, do I need the icc software? Which Amp dc fuse is recommended between the battery and inverter?
  9. That is also how I understand it, my manual say you must preferably use the 20 hour capacity rating.
  10. Thanks everyone for the help, I think my system is now protected. I'm just not sure about lighting protection. I live on the Highveld and we can get severe thunderstorms. I have grounded my panels and inverter but I see some people also ground their batteries, is it really needed?
  11. Bought the Mersen fused battery disconnect with 2 160A fuses, will install tomorrow then I'm sorted on the battery side. ACDC quoted me R 3 150 for a DC disconnect which is a bit steep. I'm considering a DC breaker between the panels and the inverter but I have no idea which size to get.
  12. Thanks for the help Chris, I really appreciate it! The easiest for me will be to add an inline fuse holder for each string. Will 20A fuse for each be okay? Would a disconnect like this one work: https://new.acdc.co.za/pages/product-individual?GW96186
  13. From my understanding I need protection between my PV panels and inverter and also between by batteries and the inverter. I have the following setup: 6 X 250W Panels in 2 strings (2 X 3) (http://www.sddirectpro.co.za/product/enersol-250-2/) 5Kva Axpert inverter 4 X 150Ah batteries in series (48V) Could somebody please advice what would be the best for protections (fuses, breakers, isolators or a combination) Also what size?
  14. Thanks Jako, the battery voltage was just over 12,6V but I'm still returning that one.
  15. I bought 4 of them, but one had acid on the top. This is a concern as I was under the impression that they not supposed to leak acid. Sould I return the one or is this normal?
  16. That is a very good price, I'm considering 4 of them. Are they suitable with the axpert 5Kva inverter?
  17. Thanks to Chris and Chris, I received the balancer this afternoon. Already installed, hopefully it will help.
  18. Thanks Chris, I have send you an email.
  19. @Chris Hobson , I'm locate in Boschkop, just East of Pretoria. Would be nice if I can have one (at a price of cause).
  20. Thanks Plonkster, yes I have ordered the balancer from Chris-r but apparently they are stuck at customs.
  21. I had a dead battery in my one-year-old 100Ah 48V battery bank (4 batteries in series). I replaced the dead battery with a new one. I know it is not a good idea, but I preferred this option rather than to buy 4 new batteries. I do plan to add a battery balance wich will hopefully help to prolong the new batteries life. My question is, where should I put the new battery to minimise the negative effects? At the positive or negative terminal or in the middle. It is an off-grid system with an Axpert 5Kva inverter. Your suggestions will be appreciated
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