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  1. 2 solar panels in series are each 315W 37.7Vdc 8.38A, then parallel the series combinations
  2. Energy modules = batteries 1. four solar panels (two in series, two in series then parallel the combination), CanadianSolar 2. The batteries are ESM-48100A1, Hauwei and they are 2 in parallel
  3. These batteries are not getting fully charged, how best can I boost them, can I charge them directly using PV of 70Vdc,
  4. I am very happy if I receive such comments cause they make me improve my quality of work and work towards the best outcomes
  5. Greetings, my name is Liberty murapa, I am new to the forum and I am doing a lot of PV installations Zimbabwe, I have the passion for this type of energy
  6. Greetings. I am facing a challenge with this inverter, spends whole day charging 2 energy storage modules (connected in parallel) but can't charge them to full. If the sunsets you can use stored energy up to 2300hrs, early morning it does not automatically start the charging cycle, one needs to switch off and on the button next to battery input cables, then it starts charging, tried to check the set parameters but can't see the arnomally, on trying to download the software disc, the inverter is not readable on my laptop (using the USB comm port). What might be the problem and how can I resolv
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