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  1. posting following from https://forums.aeva.asn.au/viewtopic.php?p=75494#p75494 Better to post your inverter exact model so appropriate guidance be provided regarding patch firmware
  2. thanks for the reply. appreciated.
  3. Hello, I have read around forum that getting closing to max open circuit incurs derated output. My question is how bad the derating will be when connecting two panels in series. 45.6 x2 =91.2V as my inverter has max open circuit voltage of 102V. ofcourse Voc will decrease at higher temps, so my question is how bad the derating can be? Currently I have 2x 335 watt panels in parallel , i plan to add 2 more in 2S2P 325 Watt panels. My inverter is inverex 3.2 Kw, it can support upto 15oo watt PV. Thanks
  4. this inverter has max Voc of 102V , by anychance you have more than 2 connecting in series making total Voc above 102v? I have same inverter though only running two panels in parallel though I plan to change next year. this inverter has max Voc of 102 V , highlighted in bold text of your post ,with 4 panels the Voc is goign to be over 180V (assuming 45V Voc). that may be your problem...It is winter now temps have dropped maybe that contributed? how you were able to run 4 in series, that is mind baffling. this inverter takes max 2 panels in series (assuming 45+V Voc).max 3 in parallel. (6*325=1800 Watts). try removing 2 panels in series. see if it solves problem....
  5. thanks for the reply tilt is at 26 degrees best I could manage , formula of latitude minus 10 (Karachi latitude is 34) means panels will be almost flat which I tend to avoid due to high heat temp which was 39C today and this roughly translates to 200 Watts per panel after adjustment as per datasheet. regarding inverter it is branded as inverex VM 3.2 , I think it is customized one, has Voc of 102V, MPPT range between 30~80V Max MPPT Current 50A , Max charging current (Solar+AC) is 70A. Best it comes to is axpert MKS plus 24 Max PV power is 1500 Watts. (2 Series, 3 Parallel) I am going to observe tomorrow and if problem persists I will try individual panels and then parallel them. The only load on inverter is fans and LED bulbs. I get 3 spells of 2.5 hrs of no electricity and this unit was cheap supporting 24V battery currently having 2 x 100Ah batteries.
  6. Hi, I have 2 x 325 Watt Astronergy panels. I was using axpert inverter as UPS, today I plugged in panles , however only getting 50% output. PV volts are in mid 60 (65-68V) and PV Amps were about 10 but output power was only around 250 Watts. Inverter max VOC is 102V and MPPT range is 30-80 Volts. I have attached screenshots from both watchpower and emoncms which were gathered using solpiplog. Any ideas? I'm thinking of running individual panels in coming days if problem persists.... Thanks.
  7. VM2.2 has max PV input of 600 Watts only......that is the problem. should look to upgraded model, VM3.2 or rebranded aerox has max PV limit of 1500 Watts. My suggestion use VM III as it runs without battery and use 2.2 as UPS
  8. port should be 587 or try 465 if it fails.Also you will need to enable "Allow less secure apps" in security settings of account. if it still fails, try typing complete username i.e. [email protected] This will not work if you have 2 Factor Authentication setup on your account, in that case better create account for inverter only rather than using existing account edit: link for allowing less secure apps, you should be signed in. https://myaccount.google.com/lesssecureapps
  9. axpert king advertises 0ms transfer time, so it shouldn't matter, this inverter doesn't have setting for changing mode form APL to UPS as per manual, only operational logic setting is available (Auto, Line,ECO). I have variant of Inverex VM3.2 (variant of MKS plus 1500W PV) and setting to UPS and it is barely noticeable if inverter switched form Utility to battery.
  10. Hello and good day to members, I'mfrom Karachi, Pakistan and consulted this forum for info on solar setup and must say this forum has best source of info i one happens to go solar route. I have bought Axpert VM 3kva which takes max 1500 Watts PV. Currently going to use as UPS backup (get 2.5 hr 3 spells of no power on daily basis). Current plan is to go with 2 x 105Ah Lead acid batteries as maintenance free is out of budget. In few weeks I plan to have 4 x 325 W Risen panels installed ( Voc 46 V and Vmax 37V, Isc 8.65A) Inverter itself has 102Voc max and MPPT range if 30-80V. electric load is not high 4 x Ceiling fans (2 very old which take twice power as compared to new ones installed 3 years ago). 1 computer at the moment with GFX card. 1 32" LED. I Chest freezer (220V, 0.75A) I refrigerator bought in 2001 (220V 1.75A) [dought this will run on inverter during day]. I have also looked into ICC software. My question for now is that can ICC be run on pi zero W or go with pi3? it is significantly cheaper than pi 3. My plan is to run freezer on Solar only during day and hence my look into ICC. Whole setup is costing around 100K(9parts) and i intend to keep budget low for now and save for future expansion. Thanks
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