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  1. thank you - at least it has been done then. I had the ellies as a loadshed emergency but since then have installed axpert and now need a solution out on a plot. Seemed silly to not use the ellies.
  2. Thank you for the supporting email - I now have confidence that the problem can be solved. I have received a PM from Wolfandy and he will assist me without further burdening the group. Yes, load shedding started this week. (Inland - at least here around Johannesburg - we are experiencing the coldest winter in years. I think that is not helping). And the municipalities seem to have lost some of their vigour in dealing with it - in my area (in Johannesburg) the power came on for a few moments and then tripped out again. It is back on this morning. Wolfandy reports the same thing f
  3. Thanks millions. So if you are still feeling 'adventurous' late in the evening (and you have power back), you can even still make these changes tonight Yes I definitely would have tried. Your advice seems spot on. But the sticky point lies in the term "(and you have power back)". After long efforts been determined that a substation in my suburb got overloaded and tripped out. No power yet and no ETA. This is exactly the kind of problem I want to insure against - I need to go into a loadshed with batteries 100% full and sucking up the sun tomorrow morning photon by photon.
  4. I am concerned that without knowing the settings that have been programmed in ICC, ICC might override whatever changes we program directly on the inverter I suspect this is exactly what is happening. OK I will see what I can do to get the computer part sorted. My installer says VNC access to the Pi has been set up but I need to get it form Centurion Solar on Monday. Can we proceed without it - perhaps tomorrow? I am fearful of doing anything right now while in the middle of a loadshed. I must again thank you again for your incredible assistance. Much appreciated. Le
  5. OK thanks for the help so far - i can comment: This is definitely not the way that your system is currently set up. How did it change then? Because it was set up correctly - at least as I understood it because there was no flipping between solar and mains at all. This came about the moment I tested the system. Do you have direct access to your Raspberry PI? Has a VNC access to the Pi been set up (for you)? I will have to ask the installer. He was very good with the electrics but does not understand the Axpert system very well. To date I have not managed to find one who do
  6. What I see on my ICC. I know just enough to be very concerned. What bothers most is that this started after I tested the system. I.o.w. there was some kind of default reversion to a primitive state. Very threatening. I am in your hands now.
  7. Wofandy: Does this mean that you are also running ICC? If yes, can you please post screenshots from your inverter settings tab? I think I am running ICC. I do not know what an inverter settings tab is. I will attach what I can see in next mail. Can you please help us understand your loadshedding / interruption situation? Are we talking about 'normal' Eskom loadshedding of 2.5h? If yes, then I believe there are ways Answer is yes but there is no such thing as "normal". Load shedding may hit 4 hours or the beloved Jhb Council may trip its substation for a week or they may take 24
  8. Update: Introverter: Try and be a bit more specific about what exactly is the concern, the inverter going back/forth/back/forth between eskom/battery? Not staying on Eskom when you put the mains back on? What the best voltage settings are? I do not know whether I should be concerned. I have no idea what is going on but suspect that the batteries are running themselves into the ground at which point either mains or panels kick in as a last resort. This is my main concern - the batteries are powering the load to the full extent of their charge. Let alone if that happens before the lo
  9. OK I am just back from earning my living. I will incorporate all the above and answer. In the middle of a loadshed right now btw. And all seems OK . . . for now. Tx for all the feedback - will do my best to provide answers.
  10. oK the invoice states: AXPERT Hybrid 5000VA Inverter Charger with 4000W MPPT a picture attached. The machine also makes quite a noise at the moment. Sounds like a car being revved. Label attached
  11. Or was the system sitting there after being installed and you for the first time switched off the mains last night? That is the one. The battery reached a voltage set point (programme/menu 12& 13?) where it then stopped using Eskom to power the loads and started using the battery again....the battery voltage started going down and after 20 minutes the inverter started using Eskom to power the loads and charge the batteries... rinse...repeat...rinse...repeat... How I envy your knowledge - this is exactly what appears to be happening. I will post the detail asap so that
  12. that is no problem - it is the batteries that take the strain when you charge and use all the time. I expect 20 years from the panels. The batteries can be 3 months or 8 years depending on use.
  13. I tried to upload pictures but the forum rules block the pictures as too large.
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