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  1. Hi guys , hoping someone could offer some help. Currently have 2 Axpert 5ka (MKSII) in parallel. 6 Canadian solar panels on the roof(but seldom turn the solar on now because of error 72 which does not seem to go away). I have a BMV 702 for monitoring and looking into getting ICC as well. I only have 4 200ah Gel 12v batteries connected and use this just as a back up during load shedding. My setup has fuses for batteries and solar. 50mm2 battery cables running to each inverter from the battery fuse. I'm looking at removing the 4 gel batteries and upgrading t
  2. Coulomb thanks for that explanation. The batteries are 200ah. I think I'll get 2 more to help sustain powering the house during these times. Cost wise I'm also considering Pylontech. Any advice on how many 3.5kw Pylontech I would need to replace 6 or 8 200ah batteries? I have changed Program 16 to SNU to help for now. Also thinking of adding 2 more panels.
  3. Would changing program 16 to SNU (Solar and Utility to charge battery at the same time) help? Battery would perhaps charge in less time during Stage 4 load shedding.
  4. Thanks GVC. Is there a setting I could use to give priority to powering the house from solar and charging the batteries as 2nd priority?
  5. Hi there Recently got my inverters installed. Parallel 2 x Axpert 5Kva MK II 48v (4 x 12v Gel) 6 x Canadian solar 365w (Connected in series) - PV only going to 1 inverter With stage 4 load shedding we had 3 intervals of 2 hours each without power today. I understand that 4 x 12v batteries is not going to allow me max out my potential 10kw. Today the power went out at 15:30 with 30 mins of load shedding left for the day. I went to my inverter to find zero output and see that the panels were charging the batteries. Battery voltage was sitting at
  6. Ok so the inverters are on the way , should have them by tuesday. Next on the list is solar panels. Planning on panels within the 300w range (45V / 9amps) Distance from panels to inverter(combiner box first) is roughly 20m. I'm looking(for now) at getting 8 panels. ie. 2 strings of 4 panels each(series) My combiner box will house the PV cables -->fuses--->busbars-->PV breaker. This is a parallel (2 * 5Kva) system so I understand that I would need to supply both inverters More questions : 1. What size cable should I use from panel to combiner box and what siz
  7. Exactly what I need! Thanks Coulomb!
  8. I plan on using 2 axpert MKII's. Can I set it to run from battery(and charge via solar) / or direct through solar / My only concern is that there should be enough juice left in the batteries when loadshedding strikes. What settings would be ideal to achieve this?
  9. Thanks for the clarifying that Wilfred. Batteries are just 3 months old. Specs : Maximum PV Array Power: 4500 W. MPPT Range @ Operating Voltage: 120VDC ~430 VDC. Maximum PV Array Open Circuit Voltage: 450 VDC. Maximum Solar Charge Current: 80 A. Maximum AC Charge Current: 80 A. Maximum Charge Current: 80 A.
  10. Hi Richard I powered a couple of led lights , fish tank(+-50 watts) / inverter aircon(+-400w) and my pc etc. Usage was between 20 to 60%. Only been using it during load shedding. A few times we ran it for more than 2 hours. Once it ran for +-7 hours with no issues. I would now need to power another aircon(non-inverter type) / hairdryer / possible microwave / kettle (ofcourse not all on at the same time)
  11. Hi guys Been reading the forum for a few days and really impressed with the knowledge of some of the members here(far more knowledge and practicality than most electricians/salesmen I know) I currently have a mecer 3kva axpert and 2 x 200ah Gel batteries. I am using a changeover switch and have to switch it on(to inverter) during loadshedding. 3kva is far too small to leave it on inverter mode the whole time and hence the upgrade. I ordered an Axpert 5Kva MKS II which should arrive by friday. I will then get my electrician to add a few more breakers to the inve
  12. I would actually put a picture frame around that if it were in my house
  13. Got a new electrician to come around today. He spent an hour , and its fixed! He says he has to clean the box up a bit but it should be working fine. He says my changeover switch was reading voltage even in the "off" position. Here's what it looks like now.
  14. Lol next time you down for a project swing by
  15. I can't believe how many things are wrong from this picture. You wouldnt happen to know a good electrician around durban would you?
  16. That's exactly what I need to do. I think he's taking chances. Thanks for spotting that!
  17. Looking at it now , I think its fed after What should the electrician do to correct this?
  18. Hi all My electrician has been trying to hook up my inverter to the DB for 2 days now and no luck. I have a 3 phase system and trying to power up 1 phase(Blue phase). When I turn my Changeover switch to inverter mode(switch position 2) , the earth leakage on the main DB drops IF eskom power is on, but if Eskom power is OFF then the earth leakage stays on and my batteries power the phase. When I turn my changeover to Eskom supply (Position 1) , earth leakage stays up and I'm getting supply from eskom. Problem is , I've got to go manually change the switch during loads
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