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  1. Hi I am considering to add a second pv array. My interpretation of SANS 10142 it is fine to have one combiner box for two arrays with separate circuit breakers and surge protection. Is my interpretation correct?
  2. I have 6 used Canadian 405W solar panels for sale. Reason for selling is that I bought Artsolar 455W panels which can't be installed with existing due to mismatch characteristics. I am looking at R2000 per panel. The panels have been installed in July 2019. Looking for R2000 per panel. Location: Centurion Contact: Steven @ 0814287179
  3. Have a Hagar SF263. Got mine from livecopper.co.za which offers free shipping over R350.
  4. Hi. Anybody used standard server cabinet for their Pylontech because the standard cabinet is 450mm deep versus the Pylon cabinet which is 500mm? Regards Steven
  5. Hi I am busy with my solar solution investigation and have some initial questions. Location: I busy looking at the location of the inverter and batteries, but have a number of challenges and want to get some ideas from the group. My main db board is located in hallway and full, so installation of inverter and batteries very close to db board not an option. I have a small storage room (2 m x 2 m) to the main db board where I have server cabinet installed where my fiber ONT, modem, micro server, DVR is located. I can potentially install the inverter, batteries, etc.
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