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  1. I have just swapped the faulty inverter with a replacement and all is well. The inverter is definitely faulty, strange issue at that. It will go back for warranty exchange. I have installed quite allot of these in parallel and 3 Phase configurations in both solar and backup power scenarios but this is a first for me. I suspect that the safety relay switching the IP AC got stuck and feeding the OP AC via the IP. Not too sure of this is possible? What I also noticed is that when setting it back to SIG as a single unit, there is no 220VAC on the IP as when in Master Mode, but.... in th
  2. Ok, now wtf can be causing this. I have 2 x MksII connected parallel. One inverterfails with 05 error. When I remove the input to the inverter it shows the same input vac as the output. Wires removed directly on the inverter input. If I use it as a single inverter it works perfectly. They were both bought together and serial numbers follow. Both running same firmware version.
  3. I surely will keep this in mind. Thanks, it all makes perfect sense now.
  4. OK, it makes sense. Then what would be the best panel to use to get most the most power/ Seems the 400 watt option will have some sacrifices.
  5. Oops, I thought 49,1VDC X 9 = 441,1VDC and that it is less than the OC value of 450VDC of the inverter? Is the margin too close? Panels would not get close to the 4500 Watt PV power the inverter is capable of. I'm sure I am missing something here.
  6. My thoughts exactly. So I think given the design limits and PV panel specs I would opt for 9 PV panels in series. This will have the Input amperage at 9.6 and a max of 442 Volts OC. Still within the limits as well as solar edge effect. 10 panels in series would also be risky in solar edge effect. I was thinking 12 panels connected as 2P 6S, but that would exceed the max Input 18A. Rather safe than sorry.
  7. Need some advice here. I want to use 400Watt PV panels with the Axpert MKS-II 450V MPPT inverter. The Inverter manual states max open circuit PV voltage is 450V with max input current 18A. The PV Panel Spec is max OC volts is 49.1V and max current is 9.62A How many panels and how to string them for the best possible power production keeping safety and reliability in mind. Thanks
  8. Ok folks, is 12 x 400 watt panels too much for the Kodak OGX. The manual states max OC voltage is 450vdc with max current input of 18A. It seems 9 panels in one string is about the limit. 10 is pushing it. Your thoughts please.
  9. OK, so my test bed has a runtime of 260 hours since I replaced the cable from the Inverter to the Pi. Sadly, the client site sill resets the runtime after the odd 6 to 18 hours after also replacing that cable. The difference is that the client site has Pylontech batteries with the Centurion Solar RS232 to USB cable. I suspect that the cable as used on the Pylontech console to Pi cable is also suffering the same issues as the standard Axpert/Volronic USB cable in that it does not have the TXD & RXD wires in a twisted pair, nor is the cable screened from outside interference. Out o
  10. Since swapping the 1.0 standard Axpert/Voltronic USB cable with the 2.0 cable, the system has been running without incident for 115 hours. It looks like that is what caused the comms/hardware issue as advised by Cent Solar.
  11. The issue at hand is caused by the V1.0 USB cable as supplied by Voltronic. The Pi 3B has 4 x V2.0 USB ports. V1.0 can transfer at max 12Mb/Sec and the v2.0 at 480Mb/Sec. logic says that the 1.0 cable could have been be the culprit. The 1.0 cable does not have the TxD & RxD wires in a twisted pair nor is there any screening as the case is with the 2.0 cable. This may suffer cross talk or outside interference - my opinion. I replaced the 1.0 cable as supplied with all Voltronic inverters with a 2.0 cable. The ICC Runtime is now at 42 hours, the best I have ever seen which never e
  12. Sorry to confuse. It was the initial thought when I only had access via VNC console, and later I setup a test on the bench and then observed on the directly connected HDMI screen that the Pi does not reboot, but the ICC process restarts. I assumed from intermittent monitoring that the Pi rebooted.
  13. Hi, When I called yesterday and asked assistance I was met with an attitude of indifference. It was as if I was the hard up person with the issue and as I said I was told it was hardware issues losing comms. No offer to assist came from your end, hence my turning to public forum to enquire if anyone else has this issue. I have subsequently figured the issue out for myself, although a bit rusty with Linux and hardware it was not too hard to figure. I would have thought that you guys developing the ICC to some extent would have the answers to this issue. You are welcome to access
  14. The Pi does not re boot, the process simply kills and restarts.
  15. They did not suggest a solution. Simply that it happens. in other words, live with it. My next best would be to get a Freelancer and let them script up a trap to see what is causing this. It is still a bummer that their demo system works, and mine does not.
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