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  1. Good day, I want to sell my powerstar w7 inverter. Its a low frequency (18kw surge) inverter charger/ups. 48v d.c with a continuous 6kw rating. Its 4 years old in perfect working condition. I have got no idea of what its worth, it cost R12000 back in '17 Any interest in R5000? Buyer to collect or arrange for courier, this boy is heavy (47kg)
  2. stok


    by far the cheapest option will be to use a generator. I have installed a self built lifepo4/inverter(3kw) setup like those trolley systems in my wife's beauty salon which cost about the same as a big domestic generator (salon did not have high loads, wax pots and steamers drew the most current) but noise of a generator was a concern a hair salon will require a much larger system, have done a 5kw inverter with lifep4 batteries for a friend's hair salon, limitations was that only one big hair dryer could be used at a time together with all the lights, pos system, network and camera sy
  3. try bid or buy, a seller called "led select" has them in stock sorry, just checked and its for 21700 cells
  4. Good day, the simple fact that 1x 200ah lithium roughly equals 2 x 200ah dead acid batteries makes them actually cheaper to buy in the short to medium term. the price of lithium have come down considerably over the past couple years so much so that you can find lithium batteries for almost the same price as dead acid.
  5. Hi Sir, i use the cellmeter to tel the individual voltage of all the 60 cells in a pack, when one pack starts to drift out of balance then its time to investigate the specific pack. if a cell died then either the CID(current interrupter device, basiically a internal fuse in all 18650 cells that pop when the cell internal pressure gets to high due to overcharging) have popped in which case the cell will be open circuit, so the currant will bypass that cell. or the internal resistance became to high due to degradation then that cell will draw a lot of current heat up and hopefully the cell leve
  6. Apologies for the thread hijack. this is a +- 3kw 24v battery I built using these cells( salvaged 18650) It consists of 420 cells arranged in a 7s30p configuration paid +- R3500 for the cells (some were new) used 3x18650 cell holders from bid or buy, paid probably R2.00 each, 280 x R2.00 is R560 15mm copper water pipe, used about 10m for the busbars. paid R900 10mm2 cable, paid R100 (IIRC I bought 2.5m red and black) 25mm x 2.5mm aluminum used about 2.5m, cost R180 cellmeter7 battery checker and balancer, paid R250 100A watt meter with bluetooth, Paid R450
  7. that's not too bad, considering that laptop (or any other lithium battery pack) in south africa is as scarce as chicken teeth. the cells that you sell, are the packs already opened and cells sorted and tested? or do you sell the complete battery?
  8. on average how many good cells do you get from a 6 cell battery? what's the average MAH per cell?
  9. not a problem, the bg8s display times out after a couple of seconds(if i recall correctly the time is adjustable) on the cellmeter the display stay on(old 8 segment lcd screen) both is passive, the just burn off energy from the highest cells to match the voltage of the lowest. both of them does get hotter when balancing but not alot +- about 10 degrees above ambient temperature in my case.
  10. currently i use both of them, albeit a cellmeter7 for my li ion battery, and a battgo bg s8 for my lfp battery. It seems as if the bg8 draws from cell 2 and 8 and the cellmeter from 2 and 7, used the cellmeter 7 on 4s packs and then they draw fron cell 2 and 4, so it looks as if the draw from the second and last cell in the bank, the current draw is very very low on both of them if they are not in balance mode. the unequal draw on the cells will have no real effect on a 100ah+ battery bank that is frequently cycled like mine, so that is about the only advice i can give on this subject, my cell
  11. Good day, Do any of you guys have any info on Brondal power inverters? I can get a 6kw 10Kva 48Vdc inverter for a really good price. I cannot seem te get any more info of the said inverter. Attached is a picture of the inverter and the only info i have is the markings on the back side. I would appreciate it if anyone can give me more info.... regards Stok
  12. Try this website https://lithiumbatteriessa.co.za/
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